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Size does'nt matter.

AER Acousticube Acoustic Amplifier

Twin channel acoustic amplifier system. Reference class, Coaxial speaker, crossover, 120W/8 ohms, AER 32bit stereo digital effects processor, high-end line input stage, three band tone control… tuner-, line, phones-, di-out, stereo effect- loop, phantom power...

The basis for the development of the Acousticube was the authentic sound of the instrument.
Combined with our sound-esthetical ideas and experience in the field of studio and PA technology we constructed a little giant that has definitely set up standards. For 10 years it has been the reference for acoustic amplifier systems.
The fourth generation of the model "IIa" has been refined in several details. Surpassing the sound is still challenging but hardly achievable.
The Cube was the starting point for AER and it still has not lost its charm, vivacity and legitimacy. It fills locations, it is omnipresent and connects musicians, music, and audience in the most pleasant way.
Take care bro...keep on trucking!
Twin channel, 120 watts / 8 ohm, coax-speaker system with crossover, AER 32bit digital effect processor.