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Size does'nt matter.

AER Bass Cube Acoustic Amplifier

Three channel acoustic bass amplifier. Combined XLR,
6.3 mm input socket as pre-amp section with 4 presets. Piezo with 10 mega-ohm impedance, high end line input stage. Balanced mic-input stage with 48V phantom power. 340/60 w / 8/4ohm bi-amping. 12"-coax speaker with tweeter...

An Acousticube for double bass -
Reproducing the sound uncompromisingly within full dynamic extent and as small as possible dimensions.
The result is a technically advanced three-channel system with 12"-longthrow membrane speaker and tweeter in coaxial position.
Powered with 400 watts, dynamic control, switch-mode power supply and cascade power amps in a cube of 40 x 40 cm (15.75" x 15.75"), the Basscube has got the power to go to the lowest frequencies and still be able to reproduce all frequency ranges authentically.
Whether 'arco' or 'pizzicato' - the Basscube sounds like your double bass: round and open.
You can hear the stroke of your bow as true to life as the placing of your fingers on the fingerboard. The Basscube breathes, lives just like your instrument.
You can also play electric bass guitar via this amp; its various features allow the greatest possible adjustment to setting and instrument. By the way - an AG8 placed on a microphone stand next to your Basscube will serve as ideal monitor on small stages and enhance the full range qualities of your Basscube