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The Ashton MPA100 is a multi-purpose machine that can be used in any situation. It features 5 different input channels – 2 mics, guitar/bass, keyboard and CD – and pumps out whatever’s plugged in with 100W of power through a 12" speaker/horn system for a full bodied sound. Master reverb/tone and individual level controls let you mix your sounds, and a Line Out jack makes it easy to hook up to PA or recording equipment.

- Multi Purpose Amplifier
- 100 Watts RMS
- 12" Speaker & Horn
- 5 Channels
- Mic 1: XLR input, reverb & level
- Mic 2: 1/4" input, reverb & level
- Guitar/Bass: hi/lo input switchable bass/clean guitar/overdrive level, treble, contour, bass, reverb
- CD: left & right RCA input
- Keyboard: left & right 1/4" input, reverb & level
- Master control: Bass, Mid, Treble reverb, volume foot switchable reverb, and guitar clean/overdrive
- Line out left & right

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