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NEW from Mesa/Boogie!

Photo of Lone Star Combo
Lone Star 2x12 Combo - shown in standard finish blue bronco vinyl & pewter grille


Mesa Lonestar Logo

Introducing the new Lone Star from Mesa Engineering.

Texas Sized Tone & Inspiration…. And Your Guitar's New Best Friend!

As guitar players, we live for those elusive moments of divine musical inspiration, where you become one with the interaction between your guitar and amplifier and it magically transcends you and your playing to a level well beyond your normal plane. You know the ones.... Those moments of unbelievable gratification where your tone is so amazingly right and the feel of your strings are so perfectly connected to your fingers that you become an unbridled channel of soulful musical expression. These are the moments that truly motivate us as players and keep us coming back to the art of playing guitar! It is in this exact spirit that we have created the new Lone Star!

The Lone Star is an amplifier of such extravagant tone and seductive feel that we can almost guarantee that you will experience divine inspiration and effortless expression every time you plug into it! It is that amazing!

From its conception, the Lone Star was targeted directly at exceeding playersexpectations of both tone AND versatility from a vintage and/or modern boutique amp, without accepting compromise. Tonally it must be experienced to believe, as there are not enough adjectives and expletives to remotely do it justice - Simply put, the Lone Star is a sonic flood of Texas-sized proportions! The most ridiculously amazing cleans, classic breakup and high gain tones we have ever offered in a single amplifier! It has become an instant favorite among every player in our shop and we have practically had to hold a lotto within our company to qualify who will get the first one! It is stranded island good and if you only try one product this year, make sure it's the Lone Star But be forewarned, prepare yourself for a new vice because it's not just an amp IT'S AN ADDICTION! The Lone Star will change the standard by which you measure all other amps!

Functionally, the Lone Star incorporates an impressive list of unique and extremely powerful features that allow you to tailor the character and feel of the amplifier to perfectly meet your musical needs. For a closer look at the Lone Star's exceptional versatility and features list, lets dig into the front and rear panel controls.

Welcome to Lone Star Ranch
The Lone Star's front and rear control panels are extremely player friendly and are in themselves an expressive art form through the beauty, logic and simplicity of their design. Its simple, two channel layout provides a platform for ultimate expression with a minimal learning curve. Within these two channels you will find the entire range of gain, from sparkling clean to totally saturated and anywhere in between.

Lonestar Rear Panel Enlargement Here

Dial Up Texas Gold
Channel 1 is based on a traditional vintage/boutique gain structure to produce angelic and warm clean sounds in its low to medium gain ranges. Like most great tube amps, this channel can be driven to clip and produces incredible solo possibilities for blues or roots chording styles.

Channel 2 has a split personality (see right) that can either be set to achieve a slightly gainier clone of Channel 1, or with the flick of it's Drive Switch, it becomes a fully evolved high gain preamp. Switching in the Drive control adds 2 more triode stages and an additional gain control to meter in the exact blend of smooth singing saturation. The bipolar nature of Channel 2 allows the Lone Star to roam effortlessly through both vintage and modern territory with full channel switching accuracy and an emphasis on soul and simplicity. It also provides an amazing amount of added control and flexibility to further tailor the sonic character and feel of the Lone Star to best match the musical style you are playing. There are many cool combinations, imagine having two low gain channels, one for sparkling clean and the other driven into an old school breakup, or one for low gain clean and the other for high gain singing sustain - Very Cool!

closeup on All-Tube long tank reverb
Channel-Assignable Power Section

The Lone Star also takes channel switching further by allowing you to assign the amount of power and type of rectification you want on each preamp channel. The choices are 50 or 100 watt power ratings and Tube or Silicon Diode rectification. For the ultimate over-drive breakup and a vintage-squish feel, choose 50 watts and Tube rectification. For clean headroom and tight tracking accuracy, select 100 watts and the Diodes are automatically brought on line to keep things bold and authoritative. These power-selectable-per-preamp channels are incredibly intuitive and allow for extreme stylistic accuracy when dedicating the two channels to your footswitching needs.

The Master Output Control is joined by a Master Solo Control that provides an additional pre-settable master output that you can trigger remotely for a footswitchable boost when you want to feature a part. These two Front Panel controls are brought on line with the activation of the hard bypassable, Effects Loop. When the Loop is not active, the individual Channel Master Controls serve as final output controls. When the Loop is set to Hard Bypass, all associated circuitry is removed (for you purists) from the signal path. Since the Output and Solo Controls are wired as Loop Returns at the end of the preamp and Loop signal path, they are defeated when the Loop is bypassed.

The Power Switch is fitted with Tweed or normal Onpower settings. The Tweed setting provides a built in Variac effect by reducing the incoming AC voltage, which produces a spongier feel and increased clip-ability. This ability to run everything in somewhat of a brown-out state produces amazing possibilities for the clean sounds that are driven to clip.

Lonestar Rear Panel Enlargement Here

The Lone Star's Back 40

closeup on All-Tube long tank reverb
Diode / Tube Auto-Assign Rectifier Tracking

The Diode/Tube Rectifier Tracking Switch is an amazing new feature that takes our patented Dual Rectifier concept to a new level. When Tube Rectifier Tracking is selected the Lone Star will auto-assign the most stylistic rectifier circuit to track the assignable 50/100-watt power settings of both preamp channels. In this mode, when either preamp channel is in the 50-watt position, the 5U4GB Rectifier Tube is automatically brought online, which produces an authentic vintage feel that is extremely silky and inspiring to play. In the 100-watt position, the Silicon Diode Rectifier is automatically brought online, which provides the Lone Star with top fuelperformance that produces more punch, a tighter, livelier attack and substantially more headroom. In this way, Tube Rectifier Tracking allows you to tune each of the channels power feel to the specific preamp sound you are dialing in. For example, you can select Channel 1 running at 100-watts, which will auto-track to the Diode Rectifier for high headroom clean work, while running Channel 2 at 50-watts, which auto-tracks the Tube Rectifier for a sweet, classic breakup with a sultry vintage feel. Alternatively, if you prefer the articulate power and authoritative punch provided by the Silicon Diode Rectifier in both the 50 and 100-watt power modes at all times, you can simply set the Rectifier Switch to the Diode position. This setting would be best for any application where maximum headroom is needed or tight bass response is called for, such as clean rhythm playing or extreme high gain crunch rhythm sounds.

An all tube series Effects Loop handles outboard processing with transparent finesse. The ability to Hard Bypassthe loop entirely assures the purist in you will be satisfied in the studio, where every nuance of tone is crucial and you don't need the Solo feature.

closeup on All-Tube long tank reverb
Dual Voice, All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Bright/Warm Reverb Tone Switch

The pure, all tube, long tank Reverb is fitted with a Bright/Warm Switch that enables you to tailor the reverb sound to the style you are playing. Bright delivers a vintage-inspired sound complete with the identifiable haze of harmonics associated with older amp circuits, while Warm produces a more pure, studio quality character. Individual blend controls for each channel allow you to get the mix just right for each of the sounds you have designated to the two channels.

External switch ports are provided to assure that you can interface the Lone Star with larger rack or multi amp setups. The Channels and Solo feature will respond to any tip-to-ground latching type logic at their corresponding jacks. You can control these features via external and/or midi commands with any switcher that supports grounding type logic within their programmable menus.

closeup on All-Tube long tank reverb

A Switchable Bias Select feature allows you to swap tube types in the power section for different response characteristics. Use the stock 6L6 type tubes for the greatest versatility, or swap them out for a quartet of EL34's for a brighter, more British feel with added harmonic spread.

A Slave Output and Level Control round out the Rear Panel enabling you to use the Lone Star as the dry master amp for a stereo setup, drive an external rack of outboard processing or, simply add additional power for larger venues. This output captures the entire sound of the preamp and power section by padding down the signal at the speaker output.

Lonestar Long Combo

Lone Star 1x12 Classic Combo
(NOTE: This 1x12 is oversized. Same footprint as 2x12 combo)

Lone Star Long Head on 4x12 Classic Cab

Lone Star Long Head
on 4x12 Classic Cabinet



Handbuilt in the USA

Comes standard with blue bronco vinyl and pewter grille

Channel Assignable Power Section allows you to assign either 2 or all 4 Power Tubes to each Channel for Power Ratings of 50 or 100 Watts of Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4

Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34)

Manual or Auto-Select Tube Rectifier or Silicon Diodes

2 Fully Independent Channels each with Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb & Master Controls

Channel 1 is dedicated to Boutique Vintage Clean/Breakup

Channel 2 is switchable between Clean/Breakup (Cloning Channel 1) and Cascading High Gain

High Gain Mode on Channel 2 activates separate Drive Control (Multi-Stage Cascading Gain Circuit)

Thick/Normal/Thicker Voicing Switch (Channel 2)

All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Bright/Warm Reverb Tone Switch

Output Level Control (over all channels)

Footswitchable Solo Level Control (patent pending)

All-Tube FX Loop with Send Level Control and True Hard Bypass Switch

Full Power/Tweed Variac Switch

Slave Out w/Level Control

Fan Cooled

External Switching Jacks for Channels 1 / 2 & Solo

All Aluminum Chassis

2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1 / 2 & Solo)

Slip Cover


Classic Head (Width 26-7/8 inches)

1x12 Classic Combo, C90 Speaker, Casters

2x12 Combo, C90 Speakers, Casters


Drive Controller

High Gain Mode on Channel 2 activates separate Drive Control (Multi-Stage Cascading Gain Circuit)