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Photo of slotted front panel of Stereo Simul-Class Two Ninety  with red L E D lights, toggle switches and glossy black knobs

For well over a decade, the patented Simul 2:Ninety has been the standard for musical rack power. Cultured and refined, it’s appeared on stages world wide in all musical genres and has a loyal cult-like following. The 2:90’s musicality has been called magical …because it makes everything sound richer and warmer, breathing life into even the most anemic digitally processed signals.
More than stereo soul, the 2:90 also has brains: the intelligence of Smart Power™ puts you in control. Three voicing jacks take their cues from the TriAxis External Switching Jacks under midi or can be triggered by any tip-to-ground switcher. Deep extends the bottom for huge low end; Half-Drive knocks down the watts for a low power clip; and Modern brings forward an aggressive top end for tight tracking crunch.
Simul-Class magic comes from the pairing of two separate and different power amps working together simul-taneously to produce one gorgeous tone. For each channel, one pair of 6L6s operates in Class AB delivering punch and headroom. Meanwhile, the other two impart the sweetness and warmth of mystical Class A circuitry. So if you’re a finesse player seeking three-dimensional refinement, you’ll want the Simul 2:Ninety as the foundation of your rack tone.


  • Handbuilt in the USA

  • 90 Watts per Channel, Simul-Class Power / 8x6L6, 3x12AX7

  • Independent Volume &
    Presence Controls per Channel

  • Smart Power (Deep, Half Drive & Modern)

  • Line/Instrument Input Select

  • Fan Cooled
    Available as:

  • Stereo Simul-Class 2:Ninety
    • 2 Rack Spaces