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Radial Pedals
The Hollywood Distortion Three Drive Levels Vintage EQ Points,        
The London Distortion Variable Multi Stage Drive Platform for Thick Tones        
BigShot ABY True bypass ABY switcher with transformer isolation        
The Holywood Distortion Three Drive Levels Vintage EQ Points,        
The London Distortion Variable Multi Stage Drive Platform for Thick Tones        
The Texas Overdrive 2 Independent channels with variable drive and tone        
The Twin City ABY True bypass ABY switcher with transformer isolation        
Vienna Chorus Analogue Chorus Pedal, 2 Ch, Independent Controls        
TriMode Tube Distortion, 12AX7    
Plexitube Tube Distortion, British style    
Classic Tube Distortion, American Style    
Hot British Tube Distortion, British Style    
Bassbone Instrument preamp, 2 ch, w/boost & DI    
PZ-Pre Acoustic Preamp, 2ch, w/EQ & Notch    
Switchbone AB-Y amplifier switcher w/power - boost    
Loopbone Effects loop switcher, 2 loops    
Headbone VT Amp switcher for 2 valve amps    
Headbone SS Amp switcher for 2 solid state amps    
Headbone TS Amp switcher for 1 tube to 1 solid state    
Cabbone Speaker cabinet switcher for 100 Watt amps    
Cabbone EX Speaker cabinet switcher for 300 Watt amps    
Dragster  Load correction device for wireless systems    
Boneyard Boneyard 35"x15" slanted pedal board    
BigShot ABY True Bypass ABY switcher    
BigShot i/o True Bypass instrument selector    
BigShot EFX True Bypass effects loop controller    
BigShot SW2 Slingshot remote control with 2 outputs    
BigShot PB1 Vari-Boost class-A power booster    
BigShot Mix True Bypass effect loop with wet/dry mix    
JDV Active class-A direct, 2-ins    
JDX Active class-A reactive speaker emulation    
Phazer Active class-A analogue 360 deg. phase ctr    
Phazer Kit Studio kit contains phazer and JDX in case    
J48 Active 48V phantom powered direct box    
JPC Active stereo PC direct box for sound cards    
J33 Active combination stereo RIAA turntable    
JD6 Passive 6 Channel DI    
Duplex Passive 2 channel DI for stereo Keyboards    
JDI Passive single channel direct box    
JD7 Active class-A guitar distro system    
JX44 Active class-A guitar distro system    
JR5 Remote Foot controller for JX44    
X-AMP Active Class-A re-amping device    
Re-Amper kit J48 and X-Amp in case    
SGI Active class-A Studio Guitar Interace TX, RX    
Twin Iso Line level isolator, passive 2 channel    
JS2 Mic Splitter, passive 1-input 2-direct outs    
JS3 Mic Splitter, passive 1-input 1-direct out    
J-iso Passive stereo +4dB Balanced to -10dB        
CX8-j Contractor Mic Splitter, 8 channels on frame        
CX8-r Contractor Mic splitter, 8 channels on frame        
OX8-r Rackmount 8ch, Mic splitter        
OX8-j Rackmount 8ch, Mic splitter        
T-Block Set of eight screw-down connector blocks        
SW8 8 Channel line level auto switcher        
LX8-j Rackmount 8ch. Line-Level splitter        
ProDI Passive direct box, compact design    
ProD2 Passive 2ch DI, compact design    
ProD8 Passive 8ch DI, Raidial transformers    
Pro48 Active direct box, compact design    
ProAV1 Passive 1 channel multimedia DI with RCA    
ProAV2 Passive stereo multimedia DI with RCA    
ProISO Passive stereo +4dB balanced to -10dB    
ProRMP Passive re-amping device with custom transformer    
HotShot DM1 Mic Switcher toggles signal from PA to monitors    
HotShot ABi Mic & line switcher, 2 XLR-F inputs    
HotShot ABo Mic & line switcher,1 XLR-M input    
J-Rak Rack adaptor shelf fo up to 8 Radial JDIs    
J-Clamp Mounting adaptor for radial JDI, flanged    
RJ-2419 Rack adaptor converts 24" Nema enclosure to 18"    
R42DC-OZ Power supply 42VDC-220V for radial & Tonebone    
R15DC-OZ Power supply 15VDC-220V for radial & Tonebone