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  Polytune The Ultimate Tuner. Still Tuning one string at a time?  
  Polytune mini Just like the Ultimate Tuner, but smaller  
  NOVA-SYSTEM Floor Based Effects System For Guitarists      
  G-System iB Modified High quality floor based Guitar System      
  VSM 200P XT Personal Vocal Monitor Passive, 120Watts, Mic Stand Mounting      
  Voicelive 3 Voice Live 3      
Tone Print Pedals
  Ditto Intuitive Digital Looping Pedal for Guitar      
  Ditto X2 Stereo Dual Button Looping Pedal for Guitar      
  Spark Intuitive Digital Looping Pedal for Guitar      
  Flashback X4 Delay Flashback X4 Delay & Looper pedal      
  Flashback Retooled Flashback Delay Retooled PGS Design      
  Corona Chorus Corona Chorus pedal      
  Darkmatter Distortion Darkmatter Distortion Pedal      
  Dreamscape John Petruccie Signature Edition Pedal      
  Rottweiler Distortion The Ultimate high gain pedal      
  Flashback Delay Tone Print Enable Delay pedal      
  Hall Of Fame Every reverb you could want right at your feet      
  Mojo Overdrive One of the most dynamic drive pedals ever built      
  Shaker Vibrato Shaker Vibrato Pedal      
  Spark Spark Booster Pedal      
  Trinity Reverbs Retooled PGS Design      
  Vortex Vortex Flanger      
Nova Series Digital Pedals
  NOVA-REPEATER Nova RPT-1 Digtal Delay Pedal      
  NOVA-DELAY Nova ND-1 Digtal Delay Pedal      
  NOVA DRIVE NDR-1 Guitar Drive Pedal      
  NOVA REVERB NR-1 Digital Reverb Pedal      
  NOVA MODULATOR NM-1 Combine chorus, flanger, phaser, tremelo and vivrato effects      
T C Electronics Classic Series Pedals
  SCF SCF Stereo Chorus/Flanger Pedal      
T C Electronics Rack Units
  G_Card Pre Set Card For G-Force      
  G-Force Guitar Effects Processor      
  G-Major 2 Guitar Digital Effects Processor      
  Switch-3 Triple footswitch      
Floor Units
  NOVA-SYSTEM Floor Based Effects System For Guitarists      
  G-Natural Acoustic Guitar Digital Multi Effects Processor      
  G-System High quality floor based Guitar System      


TC Helicon Floor Based Vocal Effects
  Voicelive Play Voicelive Play Vocal Processor      
  Voicelive Play GTX Voicelive Play GTX Vocal Processor & Guitar Processor      
  Voicelive Play GTX S Voicelive Play GTX + Sennheiser Microphone      
  Voicelive Play S Voicelive Play Vocal Processor + Sennheiser Microphone      
  Voicelive 3 Voice Live 3      
  Voicelive Touch Voicelive Touch 2Vocal Processor      
  Voicelive Touch 2 Voicelive Touch 2 Vocal Processor      
TC Helicon Rack Vocal Effects
  Voicelive Rack Voicelive Rack Vocal Processor      
Vocal Microphones
  MP-70 Modern Performance Vocal Mic      
  MP-75 Modern Performance vocal mic with Mic Control      
Voicetone Single Pedals for Singers
  Harmony Singer Voicetone HArmony Singer      
  Mic Mechanic Voiceton Mic Mechanic      
  VT-C1 Voicetone Hard Tune & Correction      
  VT-D1 Voicetone Doubling & Detune      
  VT-E1 Voicetone Echo & Tap Delay      
  VT-H1 Voicetone Intelligent Harmony      
  VT-R1 Voicetone Vocal Tuned Reverb      
  VT-T1 Voicetone Adaptive Tone & Dynamics      
  VT-X1 Voicetone Megaphone & Distortion      
Voicetone Vocal Pedals
  Correct XT Voicetone Correct-XT Vocalist Pedal      
  Create XT Voicetone Create XT Vocalist Pedal      
  Harmony G XT Voicetone Harmony G XT Vocal Harmony & Effects      
  VT Synth Voicetone Synth - HardTune, Vocoder