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Maton Customshop Cocobolo Dreadnaught & 000  



String Type Steel
Number of Strings 6
Body Style/Shape Dreadnought/OOO
Color Natural
Finish Gloss
Top Wood Solid AAA Engleman Spruce
Back & Sides Wood Solid Cocobolo
Neck Wood Honduran Mahogany neck
Fingerboard Material Ebony
Fingerboard Inlay Tree of Life Paua Shell
Tuning Machines Gold
Bridge Material Ebony
Electronics AP5 Pro
Case Included Yes


Maton’s Custom Shop provides you with the ultimate personal guitar experience. As the customer, you are invited to specify body shape, colour, decorative inlays and be involved in the selection of premium tone woods.

The Maton Custom Shop experience provides you with the opportunity to have a say in the dynamics of the desired sound speaking face-to-face with the craftsman who will build the guitar for you.

You can be guaranteed that Maton will build a guitar that you can truthfully say is unique, a one-off.


All timbers selected for Custom Shop guitars are hand picked from Maton’s vast stocks and then thoroughly checked for structural integrity. This ensures that only top quality materials find their way into a Custom Shop guitar. The timber’s visual appeal and tonal quality also form an important part of the selection process. All the chosen components are then individually ‘voiced’ to ensure they can produce maximum acoustic performance. This is done by ‘tap testing’ and flexing each piece to determine maximum strength and minimum weight, the recipe for great tone. It is a process that requires deep experience and construction knowledge and can only be done by an extremely skilled craftsman.


As the head of Maton’s Custom Shop,  Andy Allen has the ability to build a guitar that will produce the sound that the customer has ordered and wants to hear. The construction of a Custom Shop guitar is performed by a single, skilled luthier and this ensures every detail mirrors precisely the customer’s requirements. It also ensures the look as well as the sound matches the buyer’s dream. Each operation is done by hand, the way Maton Guitars have been built since 1946, with no deadline. The process will take however long is required to meet the customer’s expectations. A masterpiece cannot be rushed!


The ER90C is an affordable way to get one of the best sounding guitars built by Maton. The tone that comes from the spruce top and indian rosewood back and sides is perfectly ballanced. These high end timbers combined with the thin low gloss finish lets the timber vibrate more giving it a louder and punchier, more like what you would expect to hear when listening to a well recorded and mastered track but you get it straight out of the guitar. The AP5 Pro system does a beautiful job of reproducing the guitars natural sound when amplified avoiding the harsh tinny sound that you get from many other acoustic pickups.

The ER90C is a serious guitar for serious players, so we should probably let a serious player tell you about it. After a visit to the Maton factory here is what Andrea Valerie had to say.

"I already knew that every Maton Guitar sounds wonderfully, but this model is simply outstanding. The playability is beautiful, you can play this guitar for hours and hours not feeling tired to play it again. The unplugged and plugged sound is masterful: a huge deep voice, but with the clarity of a bell. This guitar can be gentle and soft, but also aggressive as a tiger too !! Very versatile for any kind of music or playing style. And not at least, it's also a wonderful instrument to watch: every detail is part of a bigger picture. The satin wood choice is a very good one, because allows the same wood to vibrate more and grow up with your own voice. What else can you say... just try the instrument, and this piece of wood will talk to your heart."