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Maton Guitars

Maton SRS808 Acoustic Electric Australian Made Guitar

Maton SRS808  

The NEW Maton SRS 808 incorporates solid Blackwood back and sides and a Western Red Cedar top. The SRS 808 is an absolutely beautiful little guitar and combines the warm, full tones of Blackwood with the top end sparkle of Cedar.

A forward shifting of the X braces and the shifting of scallop peaks to nodal points around the soundboard help to enhance the vibration of the top. The shifting of the X braces also allowed the inclusion of a second, parallel tone bar which allows the scalloping of both tone bars, and spreads the load while reducing mass.

Adjusted bracing heights as well as a locked15 foot radius for the arch of the back, gave us the plate resonance separation we were looking for between top and back.

We now have the full, open, lower frequency response we were looking for as well as a crisp, well defined treble response.

The new 808 series sounds a whole lot bigger than a small bodied guitar should. We were hoping the end of this journey would produce a guitar that amazes the player at first strum, then continues to impress as each aspect of the sound of the guitar meets and surpasses the player’s expectation.


Maton SRS808

Maton SRS808


  • Face - Cedar
    Face Inlay - SAPELE RING
    Cutaway - No
    Binding Outer - BLACK
    Neck - QLD MAPLE
    Headstock - SAPELE VENEER-2MM
    Fingerboard - INDIAN ROSEWOOD
    Fingerboard Inlays - 6MM DOTS
    Nut - BONE
    Bridge - ROSEWOOD
    Pre-Amp - AP5 -Pro
    End-Pin - CHROME
    Scratchplate - TORTOISSHELL
    Machine Heads - CHROME GROVER
    Saddle - BONE