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 Ovation Acoustic Guitars
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 Ovation Acoustics

In 1966, aeronautical pioneer Charlie Kaman did what few have ever succeeded in doing - he revolutionized the acoustic guitar. Ovation guitars arrived on the scene with their round backs and new ideas. Professional musicians hailed the guitar's performance and purists shook their heads.

In the early sixties, Kaman saw the need to diversify his aviation company into other markets where aerospace technology could create better products. As a longtime guitarist, he understood the needs of players and his extensive helicopter blade experience gave him a better understanding of vibration than any other guitarmaker.

As Charlie himself put it, "In helicopters, the engineers spend all their time trying to figure out how to remove vibration. To build a guitar, you spend your time trying to figure out how to put vibration in. But vibration is vibration."


"It wasn't a case of just making a guitar," he continued, "with our background in aerospace, we had the technology to really make a better one." So in 1964, Charlie chose a small team of aerospace engineers and technicians for the project (several of whom were woodworking hobbyists as well) and set them off to work.

They were accustomed to doing things the Kaman way - identify the problem; explore the possible solutions; pick the best result and go with it. They discovered that the flat back of an acoustic guitar actually hindered the balance and projection.

So they broke the first rule of many and developed the roundback. The design improved projection, gave the guitar a better balance from bass through treble and made for a stronger and more rugged instrument.

Two years and many prototypes later, they brought the first production Ovation to life - the Balladeer. With the now-famous roundback, the first Ovations raised a lot of curious eyebrows in the music industry.

 Ovation Acoustics