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 Eastwood Guitars

BACKGROUND - Since 2001, Eastwood™ has been creating some of the most exciting Electric Guitars

the world has ever seen. Our RADICAL VINTAGE REMAKE series feature a variety of models based on

popular sixties designs - from the classic Mosrites to our top-selling AIRLINE - they capture the

excitement and style of the originals. Each year the prices of the originals skyrocket - they are getting

harder to find and harder to play! Eastwood™'s focus is to make top quality replicas - that cost less

and play better - so the average musician can experience the excitement of playing one of these

beautiful vintage guitars as their every day player.

TONE & STYLE - All Eastwood™ Guitars are fitted with high-quality modern components that offer an

optimal playing experience that far exceeds their 1960's original counterparts. It is hard to find a guitar

these days that oozes more vintage style than an Eastwood™! All Eastwood™ Guitars are setup

professionally before shipping to our customers.

VALUE - All Eastwood™ Models are subjected to extensive research and development to continually raise

the level of performance. At the same time, we are very careful to maintain an affordability level that our

customers expect. These elements combine to deliver peak performance and higher quality than the

originals at a much lower price.

THE FUTURE - We continue to bring new models to the Eastwood™ line-up each year. Our goal is to

introduce 3-5 new models each year, available in a wide variety of colors and of course, including

left-hand versions. Please feel free to email me directly if you have some suggestions for models

that we should consider developing in the future!

Thank you for visiting Eastwood™ Guitars,

Mike Robinson

Eastwood in Australia

You know the old saying, "a river always finds it's own level". With Eastwood it's simple. In Australia we have always looked to the 'States' for our roots with regard to our music.

There are so many guitar brands from the past that have all but disapeared and those that can remember seeing them on some obscure TV show like Hullaballo, GTK or Happening '69 could be forgiven for asking "where are they now?" and "where did they go?".

The truth is that many of those funky looking guitars simply disapeared because they were absolute crap - they looked cool but played and sound very ordinary. The reality check tells us that the far East (Japan and Korea) showed the US of A how to build cannot deny it.

So...Eastwood, why? We have loved those weird shapes, funny thing is that most times we were doodling on the inside back page of our math book, we were drawing these guitar shapes. The difference between these Eastwood Guitars and the originals is that these guitars work...simple as that. They look cool, play like liitle devils and sound awesome.