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 Peavey Electric Guitars
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  AT-200 Peavey Auto Tune Guitar DEMO Black Only
  Guitar Stage Pack Guitar and Amp Pack
  Generation EX S/S pickup config.      
  Generation Triple/SC EX S/S/S pickup config.      
  Generation Vintage EX S/HB pickup config.      
  JDAG1 Jack Daniel's Collector's Acoustic Guitar      
  Guitar Stage Pack Guitar and Amp Pack      
  Raptor Plus H/S/S pickup config., tremelo      
  Predator Plus H/H pickup config., tremelo      
  Rotorexblk Rotor EX Tremolo, black      
  Rotorexpcq Rotor EXP, Cherry Quilt      
  Jf1expsburst JF-1 EXP, Sunburst      
  Vortexblk Vortex, Black      
  V-Type NTBST V-Type, Black      
  V-Type NTBTR V-Type, Pearl White      
  Wolfgang QT Special Eddie Van Halen, Tremelo, D tuna, Replaced by HP USA Custom  
  HP USA Custom Signature Series USA Custom      
  HP EXP Signature Series EXP      
  Omniac Omniac, Sunburst      
  HP Special USA FT Hp Special, USA, Black,      
  HP Special USA FT HP Special USA, Trans Amber      
  HP Special CT USA HP Special CT, Trans Amber, Tobacco Burst