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  NS-15 Neal Schon  

PRS NS-15 Neal Schon

“The new NS-14 and NS-15 PRS guitars are on the cutting edge of now. I love everything about them. I had the pleasure in helping in the creation of these beauties and I love the weight, sound and ultimate playability. These are among the best guitars I've ever played. Check ‘em out.”  - Neal Schon, Journey

A portion of Neal’s signature tone comes from his long-standing use of Floyd Rose tremolo systems. The NS-14 (and its brother, the NS-15) adds a Floyd Rose instrument to the PRS Core line for the first time. Neal was intimately involved in the design of nearly every aspect of this instrument…from the stylized f-hole to calling out the details of the hardware. The defining size, feel, and tone of the NS-14 is a completely new design for PRS Guitars.

Top Wood
Carved Spruce
Back Wood Curly Maple
Number of Frets
Scale Length 25"
Neck Wood Maple
Fretboard Wood Bound Ebony
Neck Shape Neal Schon Neck and Heel
Inlays MOP Paua Heart Birds
Floyd Rose "original"
Tuners PRS Phase III Locking
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup 57/08 Treble
Bass Pickup 57/08 Bass
Pickup Switching olume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

PRS Neal Schon NS-15



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