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600 Series Electric Guitars
Rickenbacker 600 Series Guitars
Our Price
  R-620 Solid Maple body S/HAND 89' Jetglo $2699rrp
  R-620/12 As R-620 but 12 string    
  R-650D "Dakota"    
  R-650S  "Sierra"    
  R-660 Deluxe Checker-Bound body & neck    
  R-660/12 As R-660 but 12 string  
300 Series Electric Guitars
Rickenbacker 300 Series Guitars
Our Price
  R-330 Thinline semi-acoustic Fire Glow In Stock $4499rrp
  R-330 Thinline semi-acoustic Maple Glow In Stock $4499rrp
  R-330VP As R-330 but with vintage pickups  
  R-330/12 As R-330 but 12 string Fire Glow In Stock $4499rrp
  R-330/12VP As R-330/12 but with vintage pickups  
  R-340 As R-330 but with 3 pickups  
  R-340VP As R-330 but with 3 vintage pickups  
  R-340/12 As R-340 but 12 string  
  R-360 Deluxe thinline Fire Glow In Stock $5499rrp
  R-360VP As R-360 but with vintage pickups  
  R-360/12 As R-360 but 12 string $5999rrp
  R-360/12VP As R-360/12 but with vintage pickups  
  R-370 As R-360 but with 3 pickups  
  R-370/12 As R-370 but 12 string  
  R 4003
Bound body and neck, 4 string bass Fire Glow In Stock
C Series Electric Guitars
Rickenbacker C Series Guitars
  R-325C64 "Miami" with 3 pickups   
  R-325C58 "Hamburg" with 3 pickups  
  R-360/12C63 Vintage 63 Semi Acoustic