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 TC Electronics Computer Recording



Audio Interfaces
  KONNEKT 48 Extensive I/O section with IMPACT II preamps, $1,999    
  KONNEKT 48NR As above without Remote Controller $1,699    
  KONNEKT 32 Digital patchbay, format converter and FireWire $3,199    
  IMPACT TWIN Audio Interface System with Intergrated FX $799    
  KONNEKT 6 Desktop Firewire Audio Interface and Monitor Control $549    
Monitor Control
  BMC 2 Digital Audio Conversion and Monitor Controller $599    
  TC-LP Level Pilot High quality analog stereo volume control $139    
Powercore - Hardware
  PC 6000 Powercore System 6000 8 DSP Firewire Effects Unit $6,099    
  PC X8 PowerCore X8 $2,899    
  PC X8 SONNOX PowerCore X8 Sonnox Edition $3,299    
  PC FIREWIRE PowerCore FIREWIRE 1U Rack-Mount FireWire DSP Card $1,899    
  PC EXPRESS PowerCore EXPRESS PCie Card $899    
  PC BAG PoweCore Computer Bag $99