Ableton PUSH 2 Controller + Live 9 Standard Bundle

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The Ableton Push 2 is the ultimate control for Ableton. If you're new to Ableton, the Push makes the transition extremely simple. No more staring at the computer screen, scratching you head; the Push will have you making music right away. If you're already a Ableton user, the Push will turbo charge your workflow and simplify every process. Whether you're controlling plugins, writing automation, or controlling complex sessions, Push will revolutionise the way you work. Push is a new instrument that solves an old problem: how to make a song from scratch. With hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, Push puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips - and it fits in a backpack alongside your laptop. Ableton Live 9 allows you to create, produce, perform, create ideas, make changes without stopping, and capture everything as you work.