Behringer Eurolive B1800D-Pro Active Sub

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Our EUROLIVE B1500D-PRO and B1800D-PRO active subwoofers are destined to become the new standard in low-frequency reproduction. Packed with an incredible array of truly professional features, these brutes provide extreme levels of low-end punch, with the kind of definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems. Class-D amplifiers (with switch-mode power supplies) drive the custom-designed low frequency drivers for sonically optimized output. And the best part of all ´ Ý ´ Òthese new B1500D-PRO and B1800D-PRO provide a much better power-to weight ratio than many competing active subwoofers. Powered by 1400 Watts ´ Ý ´ Ò in your choice of 15" and 18" versions. As always, the speakers are made by BEHRINGER in our own factory. Put simply, these cool-running systems are much lighter, making them ultra-easy to transport and set up ´ Ý ´ Ò and our no-compromise design means you get amazingly-deep, chestpounding bass that will keep the party going all night long. They'll add needed bottom-end to your active full-range speaker system. High-performance 1400-Watt powered subwoofer for PA applications | Powerful 18'' long-excursion transducer with high temperature voice coil provides incredibly accurate and pulse-pounding bass | Extremely high sound pressure level (127 dB half space 1 W @ 1 m) | Precise reproduction of ultra-low frequencies (35 – 150 Hz) for "bulletproof" punch and impact | State-of-the-art 1400-Watt Class-D amplifier with comprehensive over-excursion, thermal and clip limit protection | Built-in active stereo crossover provides high-pass filtered outputs for full-range loudspeakers | Tunable and switchable Bass Boost plus Phase switch for ultimate low-frequency performance | Variable High Cut control for perfect sound alignment | Subwoofer Level control to adjust the balance between subwoofer and the full-range speakers | Power, Signal and Clip LEDs for perfect monitoring | Intelligent limiter for maximum sound performance and woofer protection | Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption | Pole socket for mounting with commercial spacer poles | Ergonomically shaped handles for easy transport | Rugged steel grill for optimal speaker protection | High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life | Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany |