Cole Clark AN2EC Angel Acoustic Electric Guitar W/Humbucker - Blackwood

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Cole Clark Angel 2 All Blackwood Acoustic guitar w/Humbucker Pickup and Acoustic Pickup/Preamp System

These guitars are All Blackwood models with a Lollar Imperial humbucker in the bridge position. The humbucker is in a block and the knobs have a thicker top under them. This cannot be retrofitted in a current guitar.

This was introduced, as many of our artists put in a sound hole pickup with a separate output to go to a distorted amp. They loop the clean sound and play over the top with a dirt sound. These sound hole pickups are not very good and they are in the wrong place to drive well.

There is enough nickel core in the phosphor bronze strings to work well. There is no microphonic feedback and the general feedback is about what you would get from a hollow Gretsch. There is a video out by Premier guitar where you can hear an artist shredding on some American Rock, and one of Lloyd Spiegel on Facebook playing some blues. You can also move between the 2 separate sounds and combine them.