Gibson Custom ES339 Heritage Cherry 2010 Dot

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Manufactured in the Gibson Custom Shop, the ES-339 was introduced by Gibson to bridge the gap between the solid body and the semi hollowbody or, to be more specific, the Les Paul and the ES-335. The aim was to make a guitar that produced all the resonance of a semi – from mellow jazz to clean blues or country – in addition to the fat, searing tone of a solid body, without any of the usual feedback issues associated with a semi-acoustic.

The ES-339 has all the same appointments as the current ES-335 – solid centre block, Kluson machine heads, ABR-1 bridge and stop-tailpiece, dot fingerboard inlays and gloss finish. 

The guitar features the Memphis Tone Circuit, which is designed to maintain the top end when the volume control is turned down, and is named after the city where the Gibson Custom Shop build the ES-339.

Fitted with a pair of ’57 Classic Humbuckers in nickel finish. These pickups are constructed with Alnico II magnets, enamel coated wire and nickel plated polepieces and are fitted to a lot of current Gibson models including the Les Paul Traditional. The guitar is smaller and shorter than a 335, approximately 40mm all round, and the output jack is located on the side of the instrument instead of the front.  It delivers classic semi-acoustic overdriven tone, cutting and sweet at the same time with plenty of mid-range push from the ’57s.