Ibanez BTB20TH5 BRL Electric 5 String Bass

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Ibanez's BTB Bass Workshop programme, they have launched two colour versions of their latest BTB Model. The Ibanez BTB20TH5 BRL Electric 5 String BassGUITARSBASS4549763168894 and the Ibanez BTB20TH6 BTL Electric 6 String BassGUITARSBASS454976316890 both with Black matte Hardware for a spectacular look.Without a doubt, your instrument should equal the quality of your effort. At some point the word "boutique" comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously crafted instrument. But what about the price? That's where Ibanez comes in. Our ability to build small-shop quality into inspiring yet affordable instruments is showcased by BTB series basses. Built with a BTB5 5pc Maple/Walnut neck-through, Flamed Maple top/Ash/Okoume wing body and Panga Panga fretboard with Abalone dot inlay. They are fitted with Nordstrand™ Big Single pickups and 1 Volume, 1 Balancer, Bass, Middle, Treble.