Line 6 Relay G90

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Rackmount Digital Wireless Guitar System with 12 Compatible Channels and 300' Range Wireless Freedom, Cable Tone! You're a guitarist. So, what do you want from a wireless system? You want your rig to feel and sound like you're playing through a cable! Fortunately, Line 6 gets that and that's why the Relay G Series is for you. Each member of the series the Relay G30, the Relay G50, and the Relay G90 offers up Line 6's impressive "Virtual Wire Transmission" technology. In short, it means these systems are designed to give you the full-range sound, response, and range you expect from your guitar rig... just like a high-quality guitar cable. There's even a Cable Tone Simulator feature that lets you match the sound of your Relay wireless system to the sound of your favorite cable... so now you don't have to compromise your tone just to go cable-free. What else do you need to know about the Relay G?