Line 6 XD-V75TR Digital Wireless - Body Pack System

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Digital Wireless System for Microphones and Instruments, with 9 EQ/Filter Models, 14 "Always Available" Channels, One-touch Setup, and 300' Range This Digital Wireless System is Ahead of the Pack The Line 6 XD-V75TR digital wireless system delivers unmatched digital wireless performance, simplicity, and sound on every stage around the world - license free. Whether you connect a vocal microphone or your instrument, exclusive digital technologies protect you against all types of audio interference, and setup and operation couldn't be simpler. Just power up, pick a channel, and go... with no hoops to jump through and no required adjustments to make. Best of all, the XD-V75TR takes Line 6's digital modeling to the next level - choose from nine different EQ filter models to get the best possible live sound for your voice or instrument! If you want the pinnacle of digital wireless technology, the Line 6 XD-V75TR digital wireless system has everything you're looking for.