Mesa Boogie California Tweed - 2x12" Extension Cabinet

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A Perfect Match for Your California Tweed Amp

This extension cabinet is a perfect match for your California Tweed amp. Loaded with a pair of 100-watt Jensen Blackbird Alnico speakers, the California Tweed cab features a 2 x 12" open-back design. It's a real looker, too, with a cream bronco vinyl finish, a cream/tan weave jute grill, and gold piping. When you need a great extension cab, don't look anywhere else. The California Tweed is it!

Built in the USA to rock hard — and reliably

Mesa/Boogie has been handbuilding some of the most sought-after guitar gear in Petaluma, California since the late '60s. Early fans of Mesa/Boogie gear include Carlos Santana and Keith Richards, guitarists whose tones have been chased by countless musicians for years. When you plug into a Fillmore Series amplifier, you're tapping into decades of innovation. The guitarists at Guitar World appreciate the top-notch sound and construction you get in a California Tweed amp.

Mesa/Boogie California Tweed 2 x 12" Extension Cabinet Features:

  • 200-watt, 1 x 12" open-back extension cabinet
  • Tailor-made for your California Tweed amp head (sold separately)
  • Great-sounding 12" Jensen Blackbird Alnico speaker
  • Eye-grabbing black cream vinyl finish, cream/tan weave jute grill, and gold piping