Mesa Boogie Subway WD-800 Lightweight Hybrid 800-watt Bass Head

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Big on Power, Easy to Get to the Gig

Engineers at Mesa/Boogie tapped into player feedback to create the Subway WD-800 bass amp head, and they're calling it their ultimate lightweight hybrid bass amplifier. The WD-800 combines the warm tube preamp section from Mesa's Walkabout bass amp with the lightweight Class D power section from the Subway series. Armed with a variable damping control plus an active 5-band EQ, this is an extremely versatile bass amp. And thanks to its light weight, and with the help of the included gig bag, the Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 won't break your back getting it to your gigs.

Premier guitar review of the Mesa Boggie WD 800


Innovative power amp damping control

The power amp damping feature on the Subway WD-800 bass amp is a great way to fine-tune its response to suit your choice of speaker cabinet and your musical style. In its High setting, the sound is tighter and a bit more articulate. It's a great match for modern basses with active electronics, and it's also great with ported speaker cabinets. In Low mode, the sound is looser with more "bloom," and it balances nicely with sealed speaker cabinets. Medium damping is a pleasing midpoint between the two.

Plenty of juice for any rig or gig

The power section of the Mesa Subway WD-800 bass amplifier can push 800 watts, ensuring that you have enough juice for any gig out there. Whether it's driving a 1 x 12" cabinet for a smaller jazz combo or pushing an 8 x 10" cab for a huge sound across a large stage, the WD-800 can cover it without breaking a sweat. It can even drive 800 watts at 2 ohms, offering more flexibility when it comes to combining speaker cabinets in your rig. And all that horsepower comes in the form of an exceptionally lightweight Class D power section.

Total tonal control

Mesa Engineering has a long legacy of iconic bass amplifiers. Many bassists at Guitar World who choose Mesa amps do so for their extreme tonal flexibility. Its active 5-band EQ features three midrange bands, plus bass and treble bands. On top of that, you've got a Passive Mid control and a variable Highpass Filter control to tighten up your overall sound. A series FX loop accommodates your favorite effects pedals and external signal processors. And you have plenty of setup options with Pre/Post EQ, Line/Mic, and Ground/Lift switches on the Subway WD-800's balanced XLR output.



Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • Robust 800-watt power section can push nearly any cabinet
  • Lightweight hybrid design combines a tube preamp section and a Class D power section
  • Active 5-band EQ with sweepable frequency controls provides endless sound-shaping possibilities
  • Highpass Filter control for taming your low end
  • FX loop accommodates your favorite effects pedals and external signal processors
  • USB power outlet
  • Includes gig bag with carry strap