Orange 4 STROKE 300 Bass Head

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The 4 Stroke Series is our offering to the demanding modern bass player – everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Featuring all-analogue circuitry throughout, the 4 Stroke 300 & 500 speak with genuine authority, delivering powerful tones with a natural and rounded emphasis that leaves Class D amps in their wake. The Class AB 4 Stroke stays crystal clean and expressive all the way up, without ever becoming sterile or fatiguing. The centrepiece of these amps is the uncompromising tone stack which allows for an unparalleled level of control over the EQ without the fussiness that plagues so many. The active four-band parametric EQ covers an enormous range and opens up limitless possibilities. Whether you need to sculpt your signature sound, bring out the character of your instrument or combat troublesome acoustic environments, the 4 Stroke deals with all comers in an instant. For the finishing touch, our proprietary Class A compression circuit tracks seamlessly, adding further punch and fatness. On the rear, you’ll find the usual essentials: two parallel speaker outputs (min. total load 4 Ohms), plus balanced and line level outputs. Available in 300W and 500W configurations, the 4 Stroke Series is the perfect tool for the contemporary bassist – powerful, usable, musical. • FEATURES: CLASS AB SOLID STATE BASS AMPLIFIER RACKMOUNTABLE HEAD | ACTIVE 4-BAND PARAMETRIC EQ SECTION | FOOTSWITCHABLE CLASS A COMPRESSION | BALANCED & LINE OUTPUTS | 2 X PARALLEL SPEAKON SPEAKER OUTPUTS • FRONT PANEL (RIGHT TO LEFT): INPUT [-6DB PAD] | TREBLE (550-5500HZ) | HIGH MID (250-2500HZ) | LOW MID (80-800HZ) | BASS (40-400HZ) | COMPRESSION LEVEL | VOLUME | FOOTSWITCH INPUT | POWER • REAR PANEL: SPEAKER OUTPUTS | LINE OUT & BALANCED DI OUTPUT (POST-EQ AND VOLUME) • FINISH: 2U WHITE STEEL CHASSIS • SPEAKER OUTPUTS: 2 X SPEAKON (PARALLEL). 4 OHM MINIMUM TOTAL LOAD. • RANGE OPTIONS: 4 STROKE 300 (300W @ 4 OHMS), 4 STROKE 500 (500W @ 4 OHMS) • UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W × H × D): 48.2 × 10 × 26.5CM (18.97 × 3.93 × 10.43″) • UNBOXED WEIGHT: 4 STROKE 300: 9.45KG (20.83 LB), 4 STROKE 500: 10.05KG (22.16 LB)