Orange OBC810 8x10 Bass Cab

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The return of the legendary Orange OBC810 8×10″ bass cabinet originally made in very small numbers during the 1970s. Seldom seen, but often revered, this is the 8×10″ to rule them all. 1200 watt output means it can handle any size gig. 13-ply high-density 18mm birch plywood with two heavy-duty castors means it will last forever. Four acoustically-voiced compartments add strength to the design, and combined with the classic configuration of 8×10″ speakers wired to 4 ohm, this is truly an awe-inspiring cabinet that must be heard to be believed. • FEATURES: 18MM HIGH DENSITY BIRCH PLY, 2 X PARALLEL ¼” AND SPEAKON INPUT JACKS, SKID DESIGN FEET • CONTROLS: NA • OUTPUT POWER (HEADS AND COMBOS): NA • POWER HANDLING (CABINETS): 1200 WATT • VALVES (HEADS AND COMBOS): NA • SPEAKER OUTPUT OPTIONS (HEADS): NA • SPEAKERS (COMBOS AND CABINETS): 8 X CUSTOM DESIGN EMINENCE LEGEND 32 OHM CERAMIC • SPEAKERS • IMPEDANCE (CABINETS) : 4 OHM • EXTENSION CABINET OPTIONS (COMBOS): NA • UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 61.5 X 123 X 46 CM (24.21 X 48.43 X 18.11″) • UNBOXED WEIGHT: 59.4 KG (130.953 LB)