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10U over 2U DJ/VJ-style Molded Equipment Rack with Side-access Panels and TSA-approved Locking Lid The Perfect Rack for DJs and VJs Ideal for laptop-based DJs and video rigs SKB's 1SKB-R102 portable equipment rack has all of the useful features that make it ideal for small setups with big routing needs. The 1SKB-R102 is a roto-molded rack made of linear medium-density polyethylene (LMDPE) that's tough enough to shake off the wear and tear of the gigging life. The 1SKB-R102's 2U front is perfect for your power conditioner audio interface or any other rack gear. A 10U slanted top gives you plenty of space for your mixer or DJ-style control surface. A pair of handy side ports give you easy access for advanced cable-routing setups. If you need maximum protection for your gear with easy access to your cabling get the 1SWB-R102 portable equipment rack case! SKB 1SKB-R102 DJ-style Portable Equipment Rack Case at a Glance: Ideal for DJs and VJs Roto-molded strength TSA locking latches Ideal for DJs and VJsIf you're a DJ or VJ you'll love how easily the 1SKB-R102 gets your gear to your gig. The 10U slanted top is ready to hold your DJ mixer or video controller and the 2U space below could hold a rack drawer for extra gear a power conditioner an audio interface or anything else you need. Roto-molded strengthThe 1-piece base of the 1SKB-R102 is roto-molded from linear medium-density polyethylene. With no seams or joints it'll stand up to drops bumps slams and all manner of mistreatment. And the doors are injection-molded with rubber-modified styrene (RMS) for maximum protection that won't become brittle and crack. TSA locking latchesTwo TSA locking trigger latches keep the 1SKB-R102 shut up tight. Even if you're not flying with your gear you'll love the peace of mind you'll have knowing that your 1SKB-R102 won't pop open during transport. SKB 1SKB-R102 DJ-style Portable Equipment Rack Case Features: 10U slanted top and 2U front Powerful steel threaded rails Hard lid and doors made of injection-molded rubber-modified styrene keep your gear safe Side access ports allow for advanced cable routing Lid has enough space to close even with an optional AV-8 folding shelf 1-piece base built of roto-molded linear medium density polyethylene 2 TSA locking SKB-patented trigger latches secure the lid The SKB 1SKB-R102 keeps your gear safe and your setup time short!