SKB 3i-4217-30


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Waterproof Classical Acoustic Guitar Case with Wheels - Fits Most Classical Acoustic Guitars Keep Your Favorite Classical Acoustic Guitar Safe! SKB's 3i-4217-30 hardshell case offers military-strength protection to your precious classical acoustic guitar. Following in the footsteps of SKB's wildly successful MIL-Spec waterproof 3i cases this portable guitar vault won't just keep out moisture it'll keep out a flood! The SKB 3i-4217-30 case is made of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and built to last. It shrugs off impact humidity and changes in pressure. Built-in wheels and a comfortable snap-down-rubber over molded-cushion-grip handle also make the SKB 3i-4217-30 easy to transport. SKB 3i-4217-30 Hardshell Classical Acoustic Guitar Case at a Glance: Reality-proof construction built to withstand the abuses of air travel A perfectly regulated vault for your classical acoustic guitar Convenient comforts onboard Reality-proof construction built to withstand the abuses of air travelIf you fly often then you already know how hard air travel can be in your gear. The SKB 3i-4217-30 is the perfect case for protecting your favorite classical acoustic guitar from the hazards of air travel. In addition to being waterproof the SKB 3i-4217-30 hardshell case is virtually ''airproof'' too. Its injection molded high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin shell can shrug off scrapes and bumps like no other hardshell case on the market. What's more even the best built hardshell guitar case won't travel well unless it's TSA approved. Fortunately the SKB 3i-4217-30 also features TSA-approved locking latches so both your acoustic guitar and your case will arrive in one piece. A perfectly regulated vault for your classical acoustic guitarThe SKB 3i-4217-30's gasketed waterproof and airtight seals allow it to maintain its own independent internal pressure. That means even if you're flying you don't have to worry about the extreme change in altitude affecting your classical acoustic guitar. In fact the SKB 3i-4217-30 meets the US military's strict regulations for moisture and pressure resistance even qualifying as waterproof under full immersion. When all of this adds up to is that your guitar couldn't be safer than it is in a SKB 3i-4217-30 hardshell solidbody case. Convenient comforts onboardWhat's great about the SKB 3i-4217-30 is that its practical perks aren't all there is to it. In addition to being a truly elegant classical acoustic guitar case it also offers significant onboard features that make traveling with your guitar comfortable and easy. Built-in wheels allow you to trail the SKB 3i-4217-30 behind you as you rush from the car to the gig or the terminal to the gate. The SKB 3i-4217-30 also features extremely comfortable handles whose cushioned grips feature snap down rubber coverings. Cushioned handles may seem like a small bonus but when you been lugging around a case for hours you'll sure be glad you have them! SKB 3i-4217-30 Hardshell Classical Acoustic Guitar Case Features: Designed to fit most classical acoustic guitars Built to MIL-Spec standards Injection molded case for superior build quality Made of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin Gasketed waterproof and airtight seals Patented submersible design that's corrosion and impact resistant Continuous molded-in hinge Patented ''trigger release'' latch system Comfortable snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handles Secure stacking TSA approved latches Automatic ambient pressure equalization valve Serious guitarists protect their classical guitars with SKB 3i-4217-30 3i series cases!