SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels


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6U Portable Rack with Built-in Wheels TSA Locking Latches and Molded Grip Handle This Portable Rack's Optimized for Heavy Gear! The SKB Roto Rolling Rack is the ideal way to bring heavy recording gear or live sound equipment to your destination safely. Featuring extremely sturdy built-in wheels along with a virtually indestructible cushion-gripped molded pull-handle the SKB Roto Rolling Rack also features TSA recognized locking latches for secure airplane travel. Industrial-grade steel-threaded rack rails are installed and a rear access door makes performing connections easy. If you want even more stability for heavier gear rear rack rails are optional on the SKB Roto Rolling Rack. SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6U at a Glance: Optimized for heavy equipment Built-in wheels and rugged pull-handle Rear access door and TSA locking latches Includes rear rack rails Optimized for heavy equipmentThe SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6U was designed from the ground up to transport heavy equipment such as power amplifiers and signal processors. It boasts a rugged high impact Polyethylene body. Built-in wheels and rugged pull-handleTo make transporting heavy gear easy SKB gave the Roto Rolling Rack - 6U durable in-line wheels and a virtually-indestructible rubber-over-molded pull-handle. Rear access door and TSA locking latchesHook up your gear the easy way thanks to the Roto Rolling Rack - 6U's convenient rear access door. All panels latch securely during transport and feature TSA-approved locking latches so you can travel with your gear safely. SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6U Features: Rack Space Units Total: 6 Rugged polyethylene molded body Rubber-over-molded pull-handle TSA locking latches Industrial-grade threaded steel rails Included rear rails Built-in wheels Rear access door Low-profile handle Interior Width: 19'' Interior Height 10'' Exterior Depth 24'' Exterior Width 24.5'' Exterior Height 15'' Rack Depth Rail to Rail: 18.75'' Rack Depth Front Rail to Back Lid: 20.1875'' Lid Depth: 4.1875'' Shipping Weight: 22 lbs. The SKB Roto Rolling Rack provides rugged portable protection for your heaviest rackmount gear!