Vox AV30 - 30-watt 1x10" Analog Valve Modeling Amplifier

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30W Tube Combo w/ Eight Analog Amp Circuits

Throw out what you know about modeling amps! The 30-watt Vox Analog Valve combo delivers real tube grit and dynamic response from twin 12AX7s in the preamp and power amp stages. Choose from eight all-analog preamp circuits based on classic amps from Vox and others for tones that range from clean chime to high-gain crunch; then blend in analog-styled delay, chorus, or reverb to taste. A Power Level control lets you dial back wattage on the fly to capture the perfect stage of tube breakup for each song. A sealed cab with a custom 10" Vox speaker provides powerful bass, making the Vox AV30 not just a travel-friendly practice companion, but also a good-sounding, vintage-looking combo for the stage and studio.

Full Vox, less box

The Vox Analog Valve series packs decades of amp tones into a practice-friendly, stage-ready combo. Eight classic amp models with convincing onboard FX give the AV30 a full complement of clean, dirty, crunchy, and overdriven tones. Bright and Fat switches provide some instant oomph or sheen to help your parts cut through a mix. And a switchable Bias control lets you choose between modern and vintage tube response. Guitar World guitarists applaud Vox for packing the AV30 combo with tube characteristics and a user-friendly layout.

Vox AV30 Tube Modeling Amp Features:

  • Two sets of eight all-analog amp circuits
    • AC15 and AC30 Top Boost circuits deliver Vox chime and crunch
    • Classic American combos, British stacks, and modern high-gain amp circuits cover lots of ground
  • 12AX7 in the preamp stage gives you real tube dynamics and harmonics
  • 12AX7 in the power amp stage lets you dial in real tube breakup
  • Onboard reverb, delay, and chorus
  • 30W provides enough power to fill most clubs
  • Custom 10" Vox speaker in a sealed cabinet for extended bass response
  • Great for the practice room, stage, and studio
  • Power Level control lets you roll back wattage for juicy tube distortion
  • Bright and Fat switches for expanded tonal options
  • Bias switch lets you swap between modern and vintage tube response
  • Reactor switch lets you toggle tight/loose power amp damping

Get decades of tube tones in a single amp with the Vox AV30 Tube Modeling Amp!