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The Kemper Profiling Amplifier offers a new paradigm for recreating the sound of a real guitar amplifier.
Here are some facts about the sound environments of guitar amplifiers you should consider:
A guitar amplifier with cabinet has two different worlds of sound:
First, there is the natural sound that you hear when you stand in front of it. This is what is sometimes called the "Amp In The Room" sound - it's the sound you hear in the rehearsal room, or on a live stage, when your amp is right in your back.
Then, there is the sound that is captured by a microphone (or two ...) close to the cabinet, that is amplified by the PA system in front of the stage to be presented to your audience. The same close-microphone technique is used in a recording studio to capture the sound of your amplifier, and you monitor it by the studio monitor speakers. It will be mixed with the voice and other instruments to compose the final sound of your song. As in the live situation, your audience will hear the sound of your playing through close microphones.