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Mesa boogie amplifiers manufacture high end electric guitar amps. The dual rectifier is known as one of the best heavy metal tones. The Mark Five is one of the most versatile amplifiers ever made.

The story of MESA/Boogie® is an American story. It’s a musical story and a human-interest story, roots to world-renown. It’s based on simple, basic principles that never change or go out of style. It’s a story of doing the right thing, of not taking shortcuts and of never giving up until you achieve, in earnest, what you set out to do. It involves vision, passion, drive, honesty, wisdom, perseverance, trust and the ever-empirical approach of less talk and more action. Undersell and exceed expectations.

It’s a story of treating people with respect, even when it’s not profitable. It’s the story of one man’s vision inspiring two generations of contributors who have both followed and guided their mentor to a place that eclipsed where any could have taken it alone. It’s the tale of a small business owner that never sold out, despite many enticing offers, in favor of keeping it real and continuing to innovate. It’s the story of a worldwide family of fiercely proud devotees with unwavering loyalty.

The story of MESA/Boogie represents different things to different people; many sounds for many styles, many solutions for many needs, many roads to what we all seek… inspiration. Yet perhaps one phrase–one concept more than any other–best captures the essence of MESA/Boogie; The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence.