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Before the Broadcaster and Precision Bass, Leo Fender was tinkering with speakers and amplifiers in a little shop in Fullerton, California. Fender and his company helped change the sound of popular music with an ever-innovative line of guitar and bass amplifiers. Through the '50s and into the post-'64 CBS era and beyond, the look of Fender amps evolved as new circuits and models were introduced and improved.

Blackface 1963 - 1967

Fender amps with black tolex, black control panels, and silver grills started to appear on certain models in mid 1963. Now referred to as the “Blackface” style, this period of Fender amps is perhaps the most recognizable and replicated of all Fender amp designs. It was in this era that models like the Twin Reverb and the Vibrolux hit their peak, helping to define rock music along the way.