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Fender Tom Delonge Guitars

In a thrilling collaboration with Fender, Tom DeLonge, the celebrated guitarist of Blink-182, brings to life two iconic instruments - The Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® and the all-new Tom DeLonge Starcaster®. These guitars arrive at the perfect time, just as Blink-182 fans eagerly anticipate their reunion tour and the debut of their newest album.

The Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® is a dynamic powerhouse that hosts the Seymour Duncan® Invader™ humbucker. Known for its immense output, this pickup is perfect for creating turbo-charged tones ideal for resonant power chords and intense, crunchy riffs. The guitar balances raw power with finesse through a streamlined control setup featuring a single master volume and a treble bleed circuit, ensuring sparkling high-end clarity. Its modern "C" neck and medium jumbo frets on a 9.5" radius rosewood fingerboard ensure superior playability. The Stratocaster® retains a vintage appeal with old-school style tuners and a hardtail bridge, while a custom Tom DeLonge neck plate adds a personal touch.

The Tom DeLonge Starcaster® builds on this legacy with its own unique flair. Featuring an offset semi-hollow body and the Seymour Duncan® SH-5 Duncan Custom™ humbucker, the Starcaster® delivers a full-bodied sound with clear highs and potent lows. This model simplifies controls to a master volume with a treble bleed circuit for maintaining tonal integrity at any volume. The modern "C" shaped neck and a 12" radius rosewood fingerboard provide excellent playability and comfort. Designed with Fender locking tuners and a fully adjustable bridge, the Starcaster® ensures consistent tuning stability. Exclusive artwork and a custom neck plate bearing Tom DeLonge’s signature enhance its distinctiveness.

Whether you're a devoted Blink-182 fan eager to capture the band's signature sound, or a guitar enthusiast looking for a unique and powerful addition to your collection, the Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® and Starcaster® promise to be knockout choices. Explore these extraordinary guitars at Guitar World Australia and experience a slice of punk-rock history combined with modern guitar craftsmanship.