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PRS Guitars

Paul Reed Smith has a reputation as a manufacturer of high end electric guitars made in the US, and known for their custom shop instruments.[1] However since the 1990s they have expanded production to Asia, where they manufacture the more affordable 'SE' line of instruments. As of 2013 they have begun making more affordable guitars in the US with their 'S2' line.[2] PRS Guitars also manufactures guitar amplifiers. Two of PRS's most notable endorsers are Carlos Santana and Gustavo Cerati.[3] In addition to this, many other artists endorse the company, including Mike Oldfield, who has used a PRS Artist Custom 24 for studio recordings and live shows since the late 1980s; Clint LoweryMikael ÅkerfeldtDave NavarroTed NugentAl Di MeolaMark Tremonti and Orianthi.[4] 

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