BOSS ME80 - Guitar Multiple Effects

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Mobile battery powered and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects the ME-80 is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists. A friendly knob-based interface makes it simple to dial in great sounds in seconds while easily selectable operation modes offer the flexibility of individual stompbox-style on/off or instant recall of complex multi-effects setups. Unique new footswitches deliver twice the control of previous designs for efficient and intuitive effects switching patch selection and real-time sound shaping while playing on stage. The free BOSS TONE STUDIO software unlocks even more tonal possibilities providing a cool graphical interface for tweaking and organizing sounds on your computer plus a web connection to BOSS TONE CENTRAL for direct access to free gig-ready patches created by top pro guitarists and much more.

  • Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interface
  • Eight simultaneous effects categories each with multiple effects types
  • Dial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxes
  • Includes a massive selection of top-quality effects from classic BOSS stomps to the latest MDP effects
  • Updated flagship-level COSM amps derived from the GT-100
  • Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal
  • Manual mode for stompbox-style on/off; Memory mode for switching complete patch setups
  • Delay section includes Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording
  • Runs on six AA batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter
  • USB audio/MIDI interface built in
  • Free BOSS TONE STUDIO software allows you to edit and organize tones on your computer and also preview and download free patches directly from the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website
A Huge Selection of BOSS Effects in One Pedal

No matter what style you play` it’s easy to craft your own personal sound with the ME-80’s wide range of built-in effects. A complete history of gig-ready BOSS tone processing is at your command` from multiple overdrives and distortions to wahs` mod effects` pitch shifters` delays` and beyond. BOSS’ groundbreaking Multi Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology is represented with the unique` spacious ambience of Tera Echo and the distinctive tone-shaping possibilities of Overtone. Updated COSM preamps include new additions such as Crunch and Metal` plus an AC preamp designed for acoustic/electric guitar. The onboard expression pedal can be used for foot volume and pedal effects like wah` octave shift` and Freeze` and it’s also possible to control effects parameters such as mod rate` delay oscillation` and more for expressive real-time sound shaping.

Instant Gratification with Dedicated Knobs

Unlike typical menu-driven multi-effects processors that are complicated and unintuitive` using the ME-80 is as easy as using a stompbox. Effects are organized into eight logical categories that can all be active at the same time. Seven categories contain multiple effects types to choose from` plus dedicated knobs for selecting a type and adjusting it with a set of parameters you’d find in the pedal version of the effect. The Pedal FX category has its own knob for quickly assigning a particular effects type or function to be controlled by foot with the expression pedal. With this familiar and friendly interface` you’re able to dial up and play great tones instantly` just like using a large pedalboard filled with your favorite stomps. But a major advantage over that pedalboard is that you can to save all the current knob settings to one of the ME-80’s 36 user patch locations` allowing you to recall custom effects configurations at the touch of a pedal.

Stompbox Immediacy or Multi-FX Power: You Decide

The hands-on experience that stompbox control provides is perfect for tweaking tones as you go. However` there are times when switching among an entire group of preset effects is more efficient` such as when you’ve set up complex tones for different songs. The flexible ME-80 supports either approach` giving you the best of worlds. In Manual mode` the categories function like individual stomp effects` with instant adjustment via the panel knobs and on/off control with dedicated footswitches. By entering Memory mode` seven footswitches are automatically reconfigured to select user or preset patches and patch banks` letting you recall complete multi-effects setups directly. One footswitch on the ME-80 is dedicated just for mode switching` so you can toggle between Manual and Memory modes any time you want` even in the middle of a song.

New Footswitch Design Delivers Twice the Control

The ME-80 offers easy usability while performing` with eight multifunction footswitches for direct control of effects on/off` bank/patch selection` and mode switching` plus convenient access to alternate functions such as tap tempo` tuner` looper control` and more. A special control (CTL) function is also assignable in each patch` letting you toggle grouped effects on/off or adjust a specified parameter in real time. The newly developed footswitch style provides two switches in the space occupied by one in previous designs` allowing BOSS to equip the ME-80 with a generous array of foot-operated controls while keeping the unit extremely compact and mobile. In addition to the eight main footswitches` the expression pedal is equipped with an integrated toe switch that toggles between foot volume and the current Pedal FX setting.

USB Audio/MIDI Interface Built In

Via USB` you can connect to your computer and capture the output of the ME-80 directly into your favorite DAW to record pro tones with COSM preamps and effects. It’s also possible to monitor the ME-80’s effects sound while recording an unprocessed signal into a DAW track. MIDI transfer over USB is also supported` allowing you to select ME-80 patches from your computer` send expression and control pedal data into your software` and swap patches via BOSS TONE STUDIO.

Edit and Organize Tones and Connect to the Web with BOSS TONE STUDIO

Available as a free download` the BOSS TONE STUDIO application provides an inviting graphical interface for tweaking the ME-80’s effects from your Mac or Windows computer through USB. The software makes it easy to save` edit` and organize your patches` and to load them into the ME-80 as needed for different gigs and other applications. If your computer has Internet access` BOSS TONE STUDIO also provides an integrated connection to the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website` allowing you to preview and download gig-ready patches created by top guitar pros directly into your ME-80! In addition to expanding your palette of tones` these free patches provide solid foundations for creating your own patches with the ME-80’s extensive array of effects.

BOSS TONE CENTRAL: Your Web Home for Free Patches` Instructional Vids` Artist Tips` and More

BOSS TONE CENTRAL is the ultimate destination for all players that use BOSS products. Evolving to include a growing selection of BOSS gear` this newly launched site gives you access to lots of premium content` including demo videos and free patches created by famous guitarists` touring pros` and session players. Check back often for new patches` how-to videos` artist interviews` and much more. If you love BOSS effects` BOSS TONE CENTRAL is the place to be!

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9-1/8 inchesHeight70 mm
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