Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 1956 Daphne Blue Journeyman MN

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Here’s where we get into the look and feel of a guitar that’s been loved and played. If you play your instrument often, it’s a simple truth that your axe will eventually show some wear. Even for players who take great care of their guitars, a fall from a stand, other people’s wandering hands, or even the mysteriously-appearing ding can take a toll. Each of those marks adds character. And that’s what you get with Fender Custom Shop’s Journeyman Relic level. A well-taken-care-of instrument that has been played, gigged, and loved.

Body: Alder

Body Stye: 56 Strat

Neck PU: 60 Strat Rel

Middle PU: 60 Strat Rel

Bridge PU: 60 Strat Rel

Neck: 4 Bolt

Bridge Holes: Am Vint Strat Brg Rel

Body Finish: Lac

Colour: Daphne Blue

Bridge: Am Vint Strat BRG REL

Output: Vint Strat REL

Neck Plate: R Ser Vint Rel 

Back Plate: Strat Parch Rel

Strings: 010-013-017-026-036-046

Pickguard: 56 Strat .060 Parch REL


Selector Switch: Switch 5-Way Lever CRL

Tone Knob: Strat SM FT Tone Parch Rel

Volume Knob: Strat SM FT Tone Parch Rel

Pots: 250K 10% Taper Split


Like: 56 Strat CC/Rel

Neck Finish: Dark Tint NCL

Neck Blank: Maple Plain Grain CC/Rel

Truss Rod: 50's

No. of Frets: