Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Studio - Walnut Burst

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Classic Square-shoulder Gibson Acoustic

Gibson’s Hummingbird Studio brings you the same vintage construction as it did when the first Hummingbird flew off the line. Enjoy a rich, varied tone, thanks to this square-shoulder acoustic guitar’s solid Sitka spruce top, walnut back and sides, and mahogany neck. Beyond that, the solid midrange and treble tones that made this guitar famous are also supported by an ever-present lower tone that comes from expert design and materials. No matter what tonal shade you’re aiming for, this Hummingbird covers it. And you can take that legendary tone to the stage, courtesy of LR Baggs VTC electronics. We know you’ll love the Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Studio. The legend continues.

A classic neck for great playability

Upon its landing in 1960, the Gibson Hummingbird made a lasting impression for its neck design and overall playability. With the Hummingbird Studio, you get that same classic neck with a few updates. This mahogany neck features an Advanced Response profile for amazing comfort and playability. A walnut fretboard further enhances the feel and response of a killer neck and fretboard pairing. And as with all Gibson guitars, the Hummingbird Studio receives Gibson’s Plek treatment to ensure uniform fret contour and placement, eliminating string buzz and delivering perfect playability.

Exquisite tonewoods and gorgeous design

Once you play a Hummingbird and hear it sing, you’ll understand why this guitar has earned the iconic status it holds. Many players of the Hummingbird maintain that its tonal signature is truly one of a kind. Covering low, midrange, and treble in nearly equal parts, the Hummingbird Studio is a popular choice among a variety of players across genres. It sounds great strummed wide open with a pick or gently plucked with the fingers, making it a solid choice for country, bluegrass, folk, or rock 'n' roll. And no one can ignore the visual impact of the Hummingbird with its classic hummingbird pickguard, the same design as when it first appeared in 1960.

Great-sounding LR Baggs VTC electronics

The Hummingbird Studio comes with the popular LR Baggs VTC acoustic pickup system, a favorite choice among acoustic guitarists at Guitar World. This system features a low-profile under-saddle transducer that’s proven more stable and durable than many standard ribbon-type pickups. Its sleek and effective design removes unnecessary internal components to enhance the coupling between the pickup and the guitar and improve the sensitivity of the transducer for a robust, lively, and natural acoustic sound with excellent dynamics and delicate high end. Combined with an onboard preamplifier with an unobtrusive and removable volume control mounted just inside the soundhole, the VTC gives your Hummingbird Studio a pure-sounding amplified presence.

Gibson Hummingbird Studio Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Exquisite tonewoods of Sitka spruce, walnut, and mahogany produce warm, rich tone
  • Advanced Response neck profile makes for smooth playability
  • Plek’d fretting means great consistency and playability
  • LR Baggs VTC pickup system transfers every nuance of your tone to your PA or amp
  • Vintage Hummingbird pickguard and mother-of-pearl parallelogram inlays for a classic look