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Fender Player II

Discover the Fender Player II Series at Guitar World Gold Coast

Introducing the Fender Player II Series, the next evolution of the beloved Player Series. This new generation brings enhanced features designed to meet the needs of today’s musicians. Experience the comfort of satin-finished necks with rolled fingerboard edges, paired with the timeless elegance of rosewood fingerboards. Plus, explore a fresh palette of colors inspired by classic cars, adding a touch of vintage charm to your collection.

Superior Comfort and Playability

Each Player II guitar and bass boasts a super-comfortable maple neck, carved into a “Modern C” profile. This shape offers the perfect balance of comfort and speed, making it effortless to navigate up and down the neck. The rolled fingerboard edges and satin finishes give these instruments a broken-in feel from the moment you pick them up.

Elegant Rosewood Fingerboards

Fender has upgraded the Player II Series with rosewood fingerboards, preferred by players worldwide for their look, feel, and sound. The rolled edges further enhance playability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

Stunning New Colors

Fender has delved into its archives to introduce new, never-before-seen finishes. Alongside classic Fender colors like black, white, and sunburst, you’ll find rare, vintage-inspired hues such as Aquatone Blue, Birch Green, Coral Red, and Hialeah Yellow. Whether you prefer traditional finishes or want to stand out with something unique, the Player II Series has the perfect color for you.

Versatile Electronics

The Player II Jaguars and Jazzmasters come equipped with newly designed pickups, tuned to deliver the iconic clear, biting tones these models are known for. These versatile electronics ensure that your Player II instrument can elevate any genre you play.

Enhanced Tuning Stability

The all-new ClassicGear tuning machines, designed specifically for the Player II Series, provide improved tuning stability and flexibility for exploring new tunings. They also make string changes quick and easy, ensuring you spend more time playing and less time tuning.

Vintage-Inspired Details

Certain models in the Player II Series feature aged-white plastics, adding a subtle vintage aesthetic. These small touches make the instruments look like vintage counterparts while retaining the modern playability and sound that musicians demand.

Elevate your playing experience with the Fender Player II Series, available now at Guitar World Gold Coast. Discover why there’s so much to love about this new generation of instruments.