Orange Custom Shop 50 Guitar Valve Head

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Our Custom Shop Series represents over forty years of craftsmanship, creating some of world’s very finest amps in limited numbers. Combining a beautifully straightforward front panel, elegant construction and exquisite Blues-Rock tones, the Custom Shop 50 is the quintessential ‘player’s’ amp. Meticulously hand wired using premium grade components and heavy gauge copper wire, the internals are nothing short of a work of art. Sonically, this single channel gem caters for those guitarists pursuing pure and unadulterated tonal refinement. Switching from 30 Watts Class A or 50 Watts Class A/B output alters the amp’s feel and response, with a wonderfully sensitive chime in Class A mode. In the Class A/B setting, the mids open up, for a warmer, full-bodied kick. The EQ section is highly responsive, and interacts brilliantly with the Gain control, going from round and smooth, to bold and snarly. Our unique HF Drive control allows for fine tuning of the upper harmonics. As the HF Drive reaches 3 o’clock on the dial, it adds negative feedback at the output stage for a rich, thick overdrive which sails through any mix. A footswitchable EQ lift provides an awe-inspiring canvas for lead work, adding fullness and singing sustain. For classic British tone, it doesn’t get any better than the Custom Shop 50. • FEATURES: SINGLE CHANNEL HAND WIRED HEAD, 50W CLASS A/B AND 30W CLASS A MODES, FOOTSWITCHABLE EQ DEFEAT AND HF DRIVE CONTROL. • FRONT PANEL CONTROLS (RIGHT TO LEFT): GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, HF DRIVE, MASTER VOLUME • REAR PANEL CONTROLS: 50W CLASS A/B / 30W CLASS A SWITCH • VALVES: 2 X ECC83/12AX7 | 2 X EL34 • SPEAKER OUTPUT OPTIONS: 1×16Ω, 1×8Ω OR 2×16Ω • DIMENSIONS (W X D X H): 55×27X24CM (21.65×10.63×9.45IN) • WEIGHT: 18.55KG (40.9LB)