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PRS Dead Spec John Mayer Silver Sky

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“Dead Spec" Silver Sky Limited Edition Guitar: A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

Embark on a musical odyssey with the “Dead Spec" Silver Sky Limited Edition Guitar, a rare gem in the world of electric guitars. This exquisite instrument, limited to a mere 1000 pieces globally, is a homage to the legendary sound of the Grateful Dead as reinterpreted by the renowned guitarist John Mayer during his tour with Dead & Company. It's not just a guitar; it's a piece of musical history.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design

The "Dead Spec" Silver Sky is a marvel of guitar craftsmanship. At its heart lies a Swamp Ash body, chosen over the traditional Alder for its lightweight properties, providing comfort and ease of playability for extended sessions. The body is graced with a Moc Sand Satin nitro finish, which not only gives the guitar a visually stunning appearance but allows the finish to sink into the ash, revealing the wood's natural grain and texture.

Innovative Bridge and Hardware

A significant departure from the original Silver Sky design is its bridge. The guitar features a modified PRS patented Gen III Tremolo bridge, ingeniously screwed into the body to create a string-through hardtail bridge. This design choice not only adds stability but also enriches the guitar's tonal quality, providing a warmth and resonance typically sought after by discerning musicians.

Superior Tone and Resonance

The integration of a brass nut and string retainer bar elevates the guitar's resonance and sustain, contributing to a richer, fuller tone. These components, in harmony with the unique bridge design, create an unparalleled sound experience, making the "Dead Spec" Silver Sky a standout in tonal quality.

Revolutionary Alembic Blaster Preamp

Perhaps the most notable feature is the brass-plate Alembic Blaster preamp integrated into the jack plate. This preamp, which can be adjusted internally to provide a boost of 3 - 14 dB, allows for a crisp and clear amplification of the guitar's natural sound. It also addresses the challenge of long cable capacitance often encountered on large stages, ensuring the guitar's tone remains uncompromised.

Endorsed by John Mayer

John Mayer's involvement in the development of this guitar speaks volumes about its quality and versatility. After using the Silver Sky on the 2023 Dead & Company summer tour, Mayer recognized its potential not just as a specialized tool but as a versatile instrument capable of inspiring musicians across various genres. His endorsement is a testament to the guitar's adaptability and its ability to capture a wide array of musical expressions.

For Collectors and Musicians Alike

The “Dead Spec" Silver Sky is more than an instrument; it's a collector's dream and a musician's treasure. Its limited availability makes it a sought-after piece for collectors, while its unique features and exceptional playability make it a must-have for serious guitarists. This guitar is a bridge between the past and the present, a tribute to musical legends, and a testament to the endless possibilities in the world of music.

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