Roland BA330 - Stereo Portable Amplifier

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Advanced Anti-Feedback

If you’ve ever encountered embarrassing feedback onstage` and most of us have` you’ll be pleased to know that the BA-330 is equipped with Roland’s advanced Anti-Feedback technology. With a simple switch` the BA-330 automatically detects the howling point and eliminates feedback.

Onboard FX

Three high-quality effects are built-into the BA-330: Reverb` Delay` and Wide. The effects can be turned on/off independently for each channel. In addition` a master 2-band EQ is provided as well as EQ control for each channel.

Versatile Input

A wide range of instruments` microphones` and devices can be plugged into the BA-330 simultaneously. Two mono channels are provided for microphones or line-level instruments (XLR and 1/4" jacks)` two stereo channels are provided for stereo instruments (1/4" L/R jacks)` and a stereo Aux input channel is provided for CD players and other devices (RCA and TRS jacks).

Stereo Link

The BA-330’s Stereo Link jack lets you cascade two units` giving you twice as many channels and the ability to position the two units on opposing sides of the stage.