AKG C214ST Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Matched Pair

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The AKG C 214 Matched Stereo Pair gives you two great microphones that are factory matched for optimum stereo sound capture. Each of the mics in this C 214 Matched Stereo Pair actually uses the same one-inch dual-capsule as AKG's legendary C 414 in a single-diaphgram, cardioid-only design. The result? Highly-detailed, up-front sound on both voices and instruments with an overall performance close to that of the famous C 414 B-XLS. Great for studio use, the C 214 Matched Stereo Pair is built to handle live work, too! The C214 Matched Pair Stereo Set Package includes: 2 x C214 2 x Elastic spider suspensions 2 x SA60 stand adapter 2 x Windscreen 1 x Aluminum carrying case Measurement documents