Fender Pro Junior IV 1x10" 15-watt Tube Combo Amp


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Capable Little Tweed Tone Vehicle

From its briefcase size to its 2-knob control set, the Fender Pro Junior is the picture of gigging simplicity. Its single 10" Jensen speaker, driven by a 15-watt tube quartet, is all the output and tonal diversity many players ever need. Version 4 of this modern classic features modified volume and tone circuits to better retain the punch, sparkle, and dynamics of your touch, even as you drive it hard. And drive this amp does: spinning the Volume knob past two o'clock adds a beautiful hard edge to chords and melodies. Presentationally, the fullness of Fender's most beloved Tweeds is seen here in the Pro Junior IV: the lacquered cabinet, '50s-era grille cloth, and stitched leather handle all hark back to Fender's most sought-after combos of the middle last century.

What's New in the Pro Junior IV?

Revamped volume and drive circuits

Circuitry enhancements make the Pro Junior IV a more capable tone vehicle than ever before. The tonal response is much more consistent as you dial up the volume/drive. You'll also enjoy greater punch and dynamics as you push the amp to its limits — features that touch players and pedal users are sure to love.


Real Jensen 10" speaker

Just like your favorite Fender combos of years bygone, the Pro Junior IV packs a 10" Jensen P10R speaker for tight, punchy bass and plenty of top-end sparkle. The retro '50s logo is sure to put a smile on the face of any Fender lover as it peeks behind the vent of the iconic tweed cabinet.

Classic Tweed looks

Fender's Tweed-era combos of the '50s and '60s are some of the most sought-after amps in the world — after all, rock 'n' roll was invented on them. The Pro Junior IV celebrates this period with a host of inspiring appointments. From the lacquered Tweed cabinet right down to the chickenhead knobs, the Fender Pro Junior IV from Guitar World is an amp that won't disappoint even the staunchest Fender fan.

Fender Pro Junior IV 10" Combo Amp Features:

    • Capable little Tweed tone vehicle
    • The picture of gigging convenience
    • Simple 2-knob (Volume, Tone) control set
    • Impressive output and tonal diversity
    • Takes pedals well
    • Single 10" Jensen P10R speaker with classic logo
    • Driven by 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x EL84 power tubes, and 1 solid-state rectifier
    • Powered by Groove Tubes
    • Classic visuals: lacquered Tweed cabinet, '50s-era grille cloth, stitched leather handle, chickenhead knobs