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Mesa Boogie Badlander 50w 1x12" Guitar Combo

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This is one of the last Mesa Boogie amplifiers in stock in Australia 

Two Channels, Three Selectable Modes: Plenty of Tones

The Mesa/Boogie Badlander Combo is a highly versatile guitar amplifier that packs legendary power into a streamlined package. With two channels and three selectable modes, you can achieve a wide variety of tones, from sparkling cleans to gut-punching high gain. Each channel includes 3-mode Channel Cloning, with Clean, Crunch, and Crush modes, plus independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, and Master controls.


A Bundle of Features Supplies Maximum Tone Shaping

This combo amp comes loaded with a variety of tone-shaping features that let you craft your ideal sound with ease. A 2-way power reduction switch toggles the amp between an easy-clipping 20 watts and a club-friendly 50 watts, making it easy to achieve cranked-up tones at bedroom levels. A Bias switch enables you to swap the Badlander’s original EL34 power tubes for a set of muscular 6L6s, while the Bold/Variac switch lets you dial in a spongy, quick-to-saturate quality or a bold sound with maximum power and lots of clean headroom. Got pedals? Who doesn’t? That’s why this Recto includes a fully buffered, tube-driven, series effects loop for your pedalboard and other external processing.


Built-in CabClone IR Offers Top-Shelf Cabinet Simulations

The Badlander's built-in CabClone IR is a game-changer for guitarists who want to achieve professional-sounding tones without the hassle of microphones and complicated setups. This reactive load box and IR cabinet simulator includes eight dynamic- and ribbon-mic’d cabinet impulse responses, plus it gives you the ability to upload third-party IRs. With the Badlander, you’ll benefit from limitless cab combinations for unprecedented tone crafting. Take it onstage to dial up cranked amp tones at venue-appropriate volumes. Use it in the studio to get perfect-sounding guitar recordings. Or, plug into the Recto’s headphones output for silent practice sessions that sound like a mic’d amp.

Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Badlander Combo Features

This combo amp boasts a 50W power with a 12-inch Celestion Creamback 65 speaker, yielding brawny low-end grunt, warm lower mids, crunchy upper mids, and sweet highs. The included 1-button footswitch lets you switch between channels on the fly, while the slipcover included ensures your amp stays safe and protected when not in use.


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    Mesa Baby

    Posted by Aaron Carter on 14th Mar 2023

    I recently got the Badlander amplifier and it's amazing. It has a new preamp and power section that delivers a tighter low end, aggressive mid character, and enhanced harmonic content. It's versatile with two channels and CabClone™ IR controls. It also has built-in cabinet simulator features and extra space to store more of my favorite sounds. The amp feels sturdy, comes with a 1 button footswitch and slip cover. I highly recommend it to any guitarist who wants a high performance, high gain amp that delivers a new attitude and voice.