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Ashton AG232PK Electric Guitar with Orange Crush Mini Amplifier – Your Gateway to Guitar Mastery

SKU: 509661

Embark on your musical journey with the Ashton AG232PK Electric Guitar Starter Pack, a perfect blend of quality, versatility, and affordability. This pack, featuring the AG232 Electric Guitar in a stunning Metallic Pink finish, is designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned players looking for a reliable practice instrument.

The AG232 guitar boasts a sleek smartwood fretboard, ensuring comfortable playability and smooth transitions along the frets. What sets this guitar apart is its five selectable pickup positions, allowing you to explore a wide array of tones – from crisp, clean melodies to roaring distortions. Whether you're practicing at home or performing on stage, the versatility of this guitar will always inspire creativity.

Accompanying the guitar in this pack is the renowned Orange Crush Mini Amplifier. Known for its compact size and powerful output, this amplifier is a testament to Orange's legacy in delivering top-notch sound quality. It's perfect for bedroom practice sessions and offers the iconic Orange tone that's been a favorite among musicians for decades.

Control your sound with ease using the Crush Mini's intuitive controls. Dial in a range of sounds with the adjustable Gain and Volume – from crystal-clear tones to high-gain distortion. The Shape control allows you to sculpt your midrange, offering everything from rich, full-bodied sounds to scooped tones ideal for heavy riffs.

For those late-night practice sessions, the headphone output on the Crush Mini ensures you can play without disturbing others, while the Aux In allows you to jam along with your favorite tracks. And when you're ready to expand, the speaker output transforms the Crush Mini into a mighty amp head, compatible with various speaker cabinets.

Completing this package are essential accessories including a durable gig bag, a reliable guitar lead, and a comfortable guitar strap. With a price tag of just RRP $299.00, this starter pack is a steal for aspiring guitarists. Choose your style with four available colors: Metallic Pink, Metallic Gold, Metallic Trans White, and Metallic Seafoam Green. Plus, kickstart your learning with free online guitar lessons included in this offer!

What's Included in the Pack

  • Ashton AG232 Electric Guitar in Metallic Pink
  • Orange Crush Mini Amplifier
  • Durable Gig Bag
  • High-Quality Guitar Lead
  • Comfortable Guitar Strap
  • Free Online Guitar Lessons
  • 9V Battery for Amplifier
  • External 9V DC Adapter (optional)