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BOSS Katana: What’s New in the Gen 3 Amplifier Series?

23rd May 2024

BOSS Katana: What’s New in the Gen 3 Amplifier Series?

The BOSS Katana amplifiers have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, offering unparalleled sound creation capabilities. Known for their meticulous Japanese engineering, these amps provide incredible value, making them a top choice for guitarists. Since their introduction in 2016, the Katana series has grown immensely popular among players of all levels. Now, BOSS takes it a step further with the latest Katana Gen 3 series, packed with exciting new features and improvements.

A Legacy of Innovation

Since their launch in 2016, the BOSS Katana amplifiers have evolved significantly. The Katana MkII models, released in 2019, brought numerous advancements over the original lineup. In 2024, BOSS continues this legacy with the Katana Gen 3 series, pushing the boundaries of guitar amplification even further.

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Introducing the New Katana Gen 3 Models

The Katana Gen 3 lineup features seven new amplifiers, each replacing the previous MkII models. The new models are:

Enhanced Features and Classic Tone

The new BOSS Katana Gen 3 amplifiers build on the strengths of their predecessors, offering enhanced features while maintaining the core qualities that made the series so popular:

  • Reactive class AB power amp for authentic tube-inspired tone and response
  • Over 60 high-quality BOSS effects
  • Adjustable power settings for achieving cranked-amp sound at any volume
  • Comprehensive editing capabilities via BOSS Tone Studio
  • A thriving global community of users

The Gen 3 series preserves these beloved features and introduces new enhancements to elevate your playing experience.

New Amp Types and Sounds

One of the standout features of the Katana Gen 3 models is the new Amp Type called Pushed. This addition joins the existing Brown, Lead, Crunch, Clean, and Acoustic types, offering dynamic enhancements for harmonic richness and touch-responsive saturation reminiscent of a vintage combo amp.

The Gen 3 models also feature an improved Brown Amp Type, delivering a more refined tone. Additionally, the new Bloom amplifier voicing, available on the Katana Head Gen 3, Katana Artist Gen 3, and Katana Artist Head Gen 3, provides a more organic, tube-like sound and response, particularly effective in both high and low frequencies.

Notable Upgrades and Enhancements

The control panels and rear of the new BOSS Katana Gen 3 amps feature several significant upgrades:

  • USB-C connectivity and expression pedal jacks on all models
  • Solo boost button on the Katana-50 EX Gen 3 and above
  • Cab Resonance selector switch and Equalizer Contour button on the Katana-100 Gen 3 and above
  • Bloom function on the Katana Head Gen 3, Katana Artist Gen 3, and Katana Artist Head Gen 3
  • BOSS Air Feel sound and balanced XLR line out on the Artist models

BOSS Tone Studio App

To fully utilize your Katana amp, the BOSS Tone Studio for Katana app is indispensable. This app offers deep sound editing controls and extensive customization options, opening up new levels of creativity and functionality.

The latest version features an improved visual UI, allowing for easy swapping of effect icons in the Chain screen by uploading JPEG images. Changing the order of effect chains is now more intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality.

Additionally, our global patch-sharing platform, BOSS Tone Exchange, is now accessible directly from the BOSS Tone Studio app, enabling you to browse, download, and share sounds with other Katana users worldwide.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The new Katana Gen 3 series includes Bluetooth functionality across all models, a much-requested feature. With the optional BT-DUAL, you can control and edit sounds via your smartphone using the BOSS Tone Studio app and stream audio wirelessly for playing along with songs and backing tracks.

Impulse Response Technology

All Katana Gen 3 amps now feature built-in impulse response technology for enhanced direct recording via USB-C. This technology is also assigned to the Stereo Phones output for an immersive playing experience, with real-world cab/mic sounds that can be edited using the BOSS Tone Studio app.

Differences Between the Katana-50 and Katana-50 EX Gen 3 Models

The Katana-50 EX Gen 3 supports BOSS GA-FC Foot Controller connectivity and includes a mic’d line out and stereo expand feature, allowing you to expand your sound in stereo using two Katana amps. With the GA-FC, you can control an additional four memories, totaling eight memories, which are editable via BOSS Tone Studio.

Additionally, the Katana-50 EX Gen 3 features a premium gray grill cloth and a cork speaker gasket for wider sound direction and spread. These enhancements ensure the BOSS Katana Gen 3 series remains at the forefront of tone innovation.

Explore the full BOSS Katana Gen 3 lineup to find the perfect amplifier for your needs.