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Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless Headset Celebrant Kit

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Elevate Your Ceremonies with the Professional Wedding Celebrant Package

Introducing the essential Wedding Celebrant Package, designed with the professional celebrant in mind. This comprehensive audio solution combines the unmatched clarity and reliability of the Bose S1 Pro+ PA system with state-of-the-art, completely battery-powered accessories. Created to enhance your service offering, this package ensures every ceremony you conduct, whether indoors or outdoors, is delivered with flawless audio quality.

Bose S1 Pro+ System: Your Portable Audio Powerhouse

The cornerstone of our Wedding Celebrant Package is the Bose S1 Pro+, a system celebrated for its ultra-lightweight design and exceptional sound output. With this all-in-one PA system, you can deliver rich, even sound coverage across any venue. Engineered for portability with a factory-installed Li-ion battery, the S1 Pro+ liberates you from the confines of power outlets, allowing you to perform ceremonies in any setting with confidence.

Wireless Audio for Professional Flexibility

  • Headset Microphone: This professional-grade, battery-powered headset microphone captures every vow and announcement with crystal-clear quality. Its comfortable design enables you to interact freely and naturally, ensuring a more personal and engaging ceremony.
  • Wireless Belt Pack: Accompanying the headset microphone is a wireless belt pack, facilitating a seamless, cable-free experience. This lightweight accessory allows you to move amongst your audience and participants effortlessly, enhancing the intimacy and inclusivity of the occasion.
  • Wireless Receiver: A compact, battery-powered receiver ensures a reliable audio connection to the Bose S1 Pro+, offering stable, clear sound transmission. This key component supports your focus on delivering a memorable ceremony, free from technical concerns.

Wireless Handheld Mic Option 

In addition to the comprehensive features of the Wedding Celebrant Package, the Bose S1 Pro+ system offers seamless integration with an optional wireless handheld microphone, further enhancing your ability to deliver ceremonies with unparalleled clarity and presence. This optional addition leverages the built-in wireless receiver of the Bose system, enabling celebrants to choose the perfect mic for their style of presentation. Whether you're moving through the audience, engaging with guests, or standing at the altar, the wireless handheld mic provides exceptional sound quality and flexibility. Its ease of use and professional-grade audio capture make it an ideal choice for ceremonies where projection, clarity, and the freedom to move are paramount. With this option, celebrants can effortlessly switch between the headset and handheld mic, ensuring every word is not just heard, but felt, making each ceremony a more personal and memorable experience. (Handheld mic not included in the celebrant package.)

Complete Battery Operation for Unmatched Versatility

Every element of this Wedding Celebrant Package operates independently of mains power, affording you the freedom to officiate weddings in the most unique and remote locations. From serene beachfront vows to intimate backyard nuptials, your ability to provide impeccable sound will be unhindered.

Professional Excellence in Every Ceremony

This package is not just about delivering sound; it’s about enhancing your professional service with the quality and reliability of Bose audio technology. Easy to set up and intuitive to use, it allows you to concentrate on creating unforgettable moments for couples, safe in the knowledge that your voice and any accompanying music will be heard clearly by every guest.

A Sound Investment in Your Celebrant Business

Adopt the Wedding Celebrant Package to elevate your ceremonies above and beyond. Ensure every word is conveyed with clarity and every moment resonates with warmth. With this package, you’re not just investing in audio equipment; you’re investing in the quality and reputation of your celebrant services. Stand out as a provider of choice for those special moments that last a lifetime.