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Boss GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

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Boss GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

Unleash unparalleled sound diversity with the BOSS GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal. This cutting-edge pedal, driven by Roland's Serial GK interface and the advanced Zen-Core sound engine, elevates your musical experience to flagship levels. The extensive sound library, ranging from classic Roland synths to rich orchestral instruments, offers boundless creative opportunities. With the intuitive Scene workflow, you can effortlessly mold and blend tones, enhanced by a spectrum of effects for dynamic soundscapes.

State-of-the-Art Zen-Core Sound Engine

Experience the zenith of sound synthesis with the GM-800's Zen-Core sound engine. As the powerhouse behind Roland's Jupiter-X and Fantom synthesizers, it offers over 1,200 onboard sounds. Navigate through acoustic and electric pianos, organs, and orchestral sounds with ease, and access four Tone parts plus a Rhythm part filled with acoustic and electronic percussion. The pedal's top-panel buttons streamline sound selection and adjustments, while 150 user-configurable Scenes store your sonic explorations. For an ever-expanding sound palette, Roland Cloud provides additional Zen-Core Sound Packs and Wave Expansions.

High-performance Multi-effects

The BOSS GM-800 comes loaded with the Zen-Core engine's full suite of multi-effects. Each Tone and Rhythm part is equipped with its own processor, offering a variety of effects like distortions, filters, modulation effects, and delays. Every Scene also features two additional effects slots for composite sound processing, complete with independent send levels for chorus/delay and reverb, plus a Master Comp and EQ for the final polish.

Seamless Playability and Tracking Precision

The GM-800's high-speed processor guarantees an authentic playing feel with impeccable tracking. Customize the pedal's response to match your playing style, ensuring each note is captured with precision. Whether you're articulating the nuances of a piano or emulating the fixed velocity of vintage analog synths, the GM-800 adapts effortlessly.

Intuitive Operation and Expansive Compatibility

Operation is a breeze with the pedal's four top-panel footswitches. Expand your control with external jacks supporting footswitches or expression pedals. MIDI I/O offers further integration with external gear. Utilize the BOSS Tone Studio software for in-depth sound editing, and the USB audio/MIDI interface for recording or re-amping in your DAW. The GM-800 also serves as a MIDI module and is compatible with BOSS GK-series pickups and 13-pin GK devices.