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Boss VE-22 Vocal Effects and Looper Pedal

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Discover the Power of Vocal Transformation with the BOSS VE-22 Vocal Effects and Looper Pedal

Unleash your vocal potential with the BOSS VE-22 Vocal Effects and Looper Pedal, a masterpiece in vocal enhancement technology. Engineered for both live performances and studio recordings, this versatile pedal is your gateway to creating vocal magic. Guitar World Australia is excited to offer this innovative solution to musicians across Australia, especially those in the Gold Coast QLD region.

Featuring a high-quality microphone preamp with phantom power, the VE-22 delivers crystal clear audio fidelity. The pedal's harmony generator is a standout, producing beautiful, key-aligned harmonies that perfectly complement your vocals. Pitch correction capabilities range from subtle tuning adjustments to bold, hard-tuned effects, catering to a variety of musical styles and preferences.

The VE-22 doesn't just stop at standard effects. It includes an onboard looper with 37 seconds of recording, offering expansive creative possibilities. Its integrated USB-C audio interface facilitates direct recording into your DAW, making it an ideal tool for home practice, studio recording, and live performance.

Adjust and personalize your sound with ease. The VE-22 comes equipped with 50 factory presets and 99 user preset slots, allowing for a vast array of vocal effects. From subtle vocal enhancements to radical, computerized tones, this pedal has it all.

As an audio interface, the VE-22 shines, providing seamless integration with your digital workstation. Whether you're recording in the studio or capturing live performances, this pedal is a true powerhouse, brought to you by BOSS and proudly presented by Guitar World Australia.

Key Features of the BOSS VE-22 Vocal Effects and Looper Pedal:

  • Harmony control for accurate vocal harmonies.
  • Versatile pitch correction from subtle to electronic-style vocals.
  • High-quality microphone preamp with adjustable Mic Sense.
  • USB-C audio interface for direct recording into DAWs.
  • Creative looper functionality for unique performances.
  • 50 factory presets plus 99 user slots for a comprehensive vocal effects library.
  • Stereo output for professional-grade sound reproduction.
  • LCD display for easy monitoring of settings and parameters.